Hotpot horror: Rat falls from ceiling of Taiwan restaurant, nearly lands in soup

Hotpot horror: Rat falls from ceiling of Taiwan restaurant, nearly lands in soup
PHOTO: Facebook/I am Banqio Resident

Sliced beef, green vegetables and maybe some instant noodles - these are all ingredients that'll make a hotpot delicious.

But a rat is likely not a welcome addition to the meal.

Some diners recently had a fright when a rodent fell from the ceiling at a hotpot restaurant in Taiwan, almost landing in their soup, Liberty Times reported on Sunday (Nov 26).

Sharing her harrowing tale on Facebook group I am Banqio Resident, the diner recalled: "We were eating halfway when a large rat suddenly fell from the ceiling and dropped right next to my friend's hotpot!"

The diners leapt out of their seats, screaming.

A staff member subsequently grabbed the rat with a rag and gloved hands, promptly disposing of it.

"We were stunned and didn't know how much we ate either, so we just took our things and left the shop," the diner wrote.

Chien Tu, the parent company of the hotpot branch, apologised and said that they believe the pest had entered their restaurant to seek refuge from fumigation around the first floor of the building, TVBS News reported.

They also stated that the affected area of the hotpot restaurant would be closed for two days in order to carry out a thorough cleaning as well as disinfection.

Taiwanese health authorities inspected the premises and found that proper hygiene measures were not implemented at the back door of the kitchen, and that staff were negligent in keeping rubbish bins closed.

The branch now faces a fine ranging from NT$60,000 (S$2,500) to NT$200 million should they not meet the standards again upon re-inspection.

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