China kindergarten expels girl after dad accuses teacher of making child wash dishes

China kindergarten expels girl after dad accuses teacher of making child wash dishes
The girl was collecting dishes from her classmates while carrying a tray filled with tableware.
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A 6-year-old girl in China was recently expelled from kindergarten after her father lodged a complaint.

He claimed that a teacher had ordered his daughter to clean the tableware of the 25 students in her class for close to 20 days, reported Jiupai News.

"In the beginning, she would be drenched in sweat almost every day and saying she was tired," said the girl's father, surnamed Yu.

He discovered her plight when she woke up in the middle of the night and complained that her leg hurt, saying she did not want to attend school as she was too tired from washing dishes every day.

"While other children were playing, I was left alone to wash the dishes," the girl told her father.

When Yu brought the matter up to the kindergarten, however, the school justified the task as a means of toughening up the girl, reported South China Morning Post.

"They also claimed that she was too 'lively' and would only have a nap when she was tired," he recounted.

Yu alleged that the school started bullying and isolating his daughter as 'revenge' after his complaint, reported local media. Hence, the girl hardly attended school in October.

On Nov 14, the kindergartener's grandparents discovered that she had been expelled when picking her up from school.

"They did not give us any prior notice," exclaimed Yu. "There was no reason given for the expulsion, and the teacher involved has not met with us to explain the matter."

School to take legal action against father

After his daughter's expulsion, Yu took to Chinese social media on Nov 22 to expose the kindergarten, uploading CCTV footage dated Aug 18 which showed the girl carrying a tray filled with tableware.

Later that day, the kindergarten principal told Jiupai News that the school will start legal proceedings against Yu for spreading false information and tarnishing their reputation.

A legal advisor to the kindergarten said it has never engaged in illegal or inappropriate conduct towards children.

"It is possible that children are asked to assist with carrying trays and tableware, but not only his child," the legal advisor said.

She added that the kindergarten has the right to expel students if they fail to follow the rules and regulations.

On Nov 23, the local educational bureau announced that it was looking into the matter, adding that the results of the inquiry would be made public.

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