Gaming grandpa: This Malaysian man earns $1,700 a month livestreaming PUBG

Gaming grandpa: This Malaysian man earns $1,700 a month livestreaming PUBG
This grandpa is 64 and he's also a gamer.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/PakDhuan Gaming

This grandfather has probably cooked up multiple chicken dinners at home — not from his kitchen, but his gaming chair.

An elderly man in Malaysia reportedly earns RM6,000 (S$1,702) a month livestreaming the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) on TikTok, according to Malay publication Harian Metro on Monday (April 8).

Radhuan Othman, better known online as Pak Dhuan or PakDhuan Gaming on TikTok, is a 64-year-old grandfather of 16.

But he doesn't just have 16 grandchildren — he's also got 16 notches on his gun after a 16-kill victory from a game of PUBG Mobile last November.

PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the popular battle royale shooter game, PUBG, that sees multiple players engage in firefights in order to be the last one surviving.

Speaking to Harian Metro, Radhuan explained that he started off exploring an interest he had in technology, before deciding to pursue gaming as a hobby.

Prior to this, he was intrigued by carpentry.

Although he had begun playing PUBG Mobile six years ago, Radhuan only started playing games in earnest during the pandemic, and got the idea to stream on TikTok as an additional source of income.

"Within a month, I managed to earn RM6,000 from livestreaming and started upgrading my computer from there," he said.

"Even though it's considered a hobby, I get extra income from this so I see this as something beneficial."

Now, Radhuan streams for up to six hours a day between 9pm and 5am, saving the daylight hours for quality time with family.

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Although he admitted that he's a rather hardcore gamer, Radhuan has claimed that he isn't addicted — doing this to earn an income while also providing entertainment for others.

Radhuan also told the media that he feels the time spent is well worth it — he was placed among the top 10 'Top Famous' in the Ellando Agency TikTok Live Performance Appreciation Awards 22/23.

Crushing candy for her children

Radhuan isn't the only one who's gotten into gaming at a later stage in life.

Sham Shat Begun, 60, says she spends at least three hours a day playing Candy Crush on her mobile device.

The grandmother of six admitted to the Harian Metro that she can't sleep at night if she doesn't properly clear certain levels in the game.

"Sometimes… I'd get so frustrated that I would Google [for guides] on how to solve the level," Sham said.

Candy Crush is a mobile game that has players lining up rows of the same candy to 'crush' them, removing them from the game and clearing the level.

"I started playing this game in 2010 just to fill my free time, but it started becoming more enjoyable for me," she recalled.

"I usually play after finishing housework, which is between 11pm and 2am, before going to bed."

To date, she has cleared the game up to the 15,040th level. It usually takes her up to two days to clear a level.

At home, her family isn't too concerned with her indulgence in Candy Crush — according to Sham, her children and grandchildren share similar hobbies.

She added: "Sometimes, they even ask me to finish the level they're stuck at for them."

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