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Magic's Unfinity might have the answer to a 'Karen' in this exclusive preview card

Magic's Unfinity might have the answer to a 'Karen' in this exclusive preview card
PHOTO: Vladimir Krisetskiy

Much has been said about the 'Karens' of the world who demand to see a manager but in the end, the customer is always right, amirite?

Well, now it's time for a cathartic release with this preview card from Magic: The Gathering's upcoming Unfinity set — Discourtesy Clerk.

With a name like that, it sounds like the perfect antidote to entitled customers. Just kidding. 

If the vibes from Discourtesy Clerk feel like an atypical Magic card, you're not the only one.

Unfinity is the fifth set in the Un-series that are the outrageously fun and whimsical supplements to Magic and are designed for very casual play. In fact, the cards in these 'joke' sets are usually seen as a subset on their own.

While they are only illegal in tournament play (Vintage, Legacy, or Standard), players also usually don't mix them into other formats.

Cards from the Un-sets have unique mechanics and Unfinity, which is themed after a sci-fi carnival, is no exception. It introduces a few new mechanics but Discourtesy Clerk focuses on one — Attractions.

Attractions are artifact cards but they are not part of your main deck. They exist in a separate deck called the Attraction deck and have no mana cost, which means they aren't cast in the traditional sense.

To get them into play, you need effects from cards like Discourtesy Clerk.

@asiaone How to out-Karen a Karen? This card’s name says it all. Magic: The Gathering’s Unfinity set takes us on an outrageously funny and whimsical journey to a sci-fi carnival and here’s a sneak peek at one of the new cards from the set! #fyp #mtg #mtgtiktok #mtgfam #mtgcommander #mtgcommunity #edh #magic #wizardsofthecoast #wizards #MTGUnfinity #fypシ #foryoupage #sgtiktok ♬ R.I.P. - Casey Baer

When Discourtesy Clerk enters the battlefield, you can put the top card of your Attraction deck into play.

Activating the effects of an Attraction is also gamified — after all, you're visiting the carnival. On the right side of each Attraction card, numbers one to six are listed in a row and some of them are coloured (or "lit up").

In order to activate the effect of your Attraction, you roll a six-sided die to visit them at the beginning of your first main phase on each of your turns. If the number you rolled corresponds to a number that is "lit up" on the card, you get to activate your Attraction.

You may only visit the Attraction during this special die roll or if a card specifically asks for a roll to visit your Attractions.

Unfinity drops Oct 7 and is available in both draft boosters and collector boosters.

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