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'2014 Tumblr vibe': Benjamin Kheng's old photos in skinny jeans have us all reminiscing

'2014 Tumblr vibe': Benjamin Kheng's old photos in skinny jeans have us all reminiscing
Benjamin Kheng takes us on a trip down memory lane with various photos of himself in skinny jeans.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/Benjamin Kheng

It may have been a decade since the 2010s, but Benjamin Kheng is here to take us on a trip down memory lane.

In a recent Instagram video on Monday (June 5), the singer-songwriter shared: "When you throw away all your skinny jeans but you can't throw away the past."

He appears to take off his sunglasses and puts his hand to his mouth, overcome with emotion, as sombre piano music plays in the background. This is followed by a bass drop in the music and a bombardment of photos from days past of Benjamin wearing skinny jeans.

It's just a shame the background music wasn't My Chemical Romance's Welcome to the Black Parade to match the emo aesthetic.

"It's giving low blood circulation [vibes]," the 32-year-old cheekily wrote in the captions.

The skinny jeans are accompanied by other fashion staples of the day, like oversized plain t-shirts and plaid long-sleeved shirts tied around the waist.

Some netizens reminisced about the era, back when Benjamin was part of the band The Sam Willows.

"Yes, this is the Ben I remember," one comment read.

Another read: "It was the skinny jeans that defined the [Benjamin Kheng] era."

"High school crush, is this you?" one netizen even commented.

Another was over their attraction to emo boys.

"It was a phase, not gonna lie. Now, I can't believe I was into that," the netizen wrote.

Others poked fun at the fashion choices of yesteryears.

"MySpace approves," wrote a netizen, while another wrote that Benjamin was rocking "2014 Tumblr vibes".

Chef and content creator Lennard Yeong chimed in, pointing to some of the former fashionably torn jeans: "Had to cut holes in them so you could bend your knees."  


Netizens also associated skinny jeans with different kinds of music from their youth, from pop quintet One Direction to Welsh metal band Bullet for My Valentine.

Regardless of the musical associations and long-lost memories of social media platforms past reawakened by the post, one thing was for sure — Benjamin's audience thought he wore them well.

"Genuine opinion: Skinny jeans look really good on you," one commented.

Another wrote: "I've liked you since you wore those pants. Not gonna change."


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