Actress Mandy Wong leaves TVB after 16 years, says she's ready to 'take on more challenges'

Actress Mandy Wong leaves TVB after 16 years, says she's ready to 'take on more challenges'
Mandy Wong leaves TVB after 16 years.
PHOTO: Instagram/Mandy Wong

Just two months after Mandy Wong announced her marriage to long-time partner Anthony Jim, the Hong Kong actress revealed her departure from TVB after 16 years.

In an Instagram post on Friday (Dec 1), she thanked the broadcaster for helping her grow in her journey as an actress over the years, and also expressed gratitude towards producers and other staff members whom she had worked with.

Accompanying her post is a video showing Mandy's last trip to TVB, where she was seen saying goodbye to her co-workers and production crew. She also took photos with fellow celebrities including Liza Wang, Kenneth Ma and Ben Wong.


She ended her post saying: "I'm looking forward to meeting more characters on different stages and taking on more challenges. I'm ready!"

In the comments section, various Hong Kong celebs including Joel Chan, Derek Wong, Linda Chung, Matthew Ho, Benjamin Yuen and Roxanne Tong also sent their well wishes to Mandy.

16 years with TVB

Mandy made her showbiz debut in 2007, following her participation in the Miss Hong Kong pageant that year. 

In her 16 years at TVB, she played many memorable characters in Hong Kong TV dramas, including kind-hearted doctor Chong Tsz-yeuk in The Exorcist's Meter, a barrister with dissociative identity disorder in Threesome and custom officer Yan Kwan in The Line Watchers.

Between 2008 and 2021, Mandy acted in more than 30 drama series and was nominated for Best Actress award seven times, but she never clinched the title.

Over the past two years, she only appeared in Secret Door which was aired in May.

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