'Another milestone completed': Inside Roxanne Tong's 'guo da li' ceremony featuring golden 'pigs' and 'dragons'

'Another milestone completed': Inside Roxanne Tong's 'guo da li' ceremony featuring golden 'pigs' and 'dragons'
PHOTO: Instagram/Roxanne Tong

Wedding bells are ringing louder for TVB actors Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma, after they completed a latest milestone ahead of their nuptials.

Roxanne, who has been engaged to Kenneth since January, took to Instagram today (Nov 29) to share more about her 'guo da li' (betrothal) ceremony. 

Part of Chinese traditions, the ceremony usually involves the groom-to-be presenting gifts and red packets to the bride-to-be's family to signify his sincerity in the union.

"Another milestone completed," 36-year-old Roxanne said. "It turns out that it is so complicated."

Besides baskets containing abalone and sea cucumber, there were also four trays of pastries from Kee Wah Bakery.

Perhaps the most eye-catching betrothal gifts — gold jewellery in the shape of dragons, phoenixes and pigs.

"So beautiful and spectacular," Roxanne gushed.


Writing in the Instagram caption, Roxanne thanked actors Stephen Wong and Jazz Lam as well as her younger sister Cassandre for their help in completing the "mission".

"And Mr Ma for all the love," she said about her 49-year-old fiance.

Earlier last month, Roxanne had shared on social media about their lovey-dovey trip in Paris — something that they have talked about for more than three years.

In a video titled Paris with You, the couple were seen taking in the sights and sounds, from visiting the Eiffel Tower to going on a road trip around Central and Northern France.

It was reported that the couple also held their bridal shoot in the City of Love, and are planning to hold a small wedding ceremony in a Southeast Asian country.

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