'Be of good influence': Felicia Chin on sponsoring 7 kids from around the world

'Be of good influence': Felicia Chin on sponsoring 7 kids from around the world
Felicia Chin with one of her sponsored children Kyine Kyine in Myanmar (left) and the former in a recent Instagram video.
PHOTO: World Vision, Instagram/Felicia Chin

Just two weeks ago, Felicia Chin was giving wholesome advice on handling tough social situations.

Now, she's back with more to share — this time, encouraging others to help those in need.

Yesterday (June 4), the former actress uploaded a video to faith-based platform Hai Hao Ma's Instagram page, where she and other celebrities alike have been posting about their life experiences. 

Felicia started by explaining that someone recently asked her why she chose to sponsor seven children, and gave a background on her sponsorship journey.

"I wanted to sponsor a child when I was in my 20s but it was not put into action," she said.

The 38-year-old became a World Vision ambassador in 2018, and has since sponsored children from Bangladesh, Myanmar, the West Bank and Zambia, visiting some of them in the process.

"Seeing my sponsored child Kyine Kyine in Myanmar… she treated me like her older sister. I drew with Kyine Kyine and listened to her mum share [her experiences]. Our arrival gave hope to them," said Felicia in the video, recalling her 2019 visit to the country where she met two of her sponsored children.

Adding that she feels encouraged when she receives handwritten letters from the kids and gains strength from seeing them living well, Felicia took the opportunity to encourage others to do good.

"Everyone, young or old, rich or poor, can do good. Everyone is able to be kind and help others. Be of good influence and remember to take care of oneself too. Jiayou!" said Felicia as she ended the video with a hand heart.

She reposted the video on her own Instagram Story and followed up with another video of a heartwarming interaction she had with one of the children in Zambia during her trip there last year.

The video showed her pushing a young boy on a swing, both with big smiles on their faces.

"One of my most memorable and happiest memories from Zambia. This little boy came to me and we decided to play on the swings together. His name is Emmanuel."

"We can all do our part, big or small," added Felicia in the following Instagram Story.

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