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'Bullying, self-entitled behaviour': Jade Seah calls out landed-home owners telling drivers not to park at private estate

'Bullying, self-entitled behaviour': Jade Seah calls out landed-home owners telling drivers not to park at private estate
PHOTO: Instagram/Jade Seah

Landed-home owners taking offence over drivers who parked outside their property have been prevalent recently. 

And local celebrity Jade Seah is "so tired of self-entitled folks" laying claim to public roads.

Taking to Instagram Story (IGS) on Tuesday (March 21), the 39-year-old shared that she found a note on her car windshield after parking along a public road inside a private housing estate.

This was even though she had parked legally there — along a road with no line markings and not obstructing anyone's front gate and traffic.

Responding to the note informing her to "let those who stay at the landed property" to park their vehicles there, Jade wrote on her IGS: "You do not own the land outside your house. This is public property that anyone is at liberty to park at."

"With all due respect though, sir or madam, and also to all other homeowners who think you have priority or rights to the space in front of your house, I'm here to educate you that that is public space, and you have neither rights nor priority to make this request."

In a subsequent Instagram Story shared on the same day, Jade explained that a similar episode with landed-home owners was the reason to why she felt strongly about the issue.

Pointing out how these homeowners would “bully others into submission”, she said: "My tyres were slashed and front bonnet scratched with a huge 'Z'," she said, adding that her brother's van was also scratched after parking on the public roads outside private houses.

Recalling yet another brush with such a homeowner, Jade shared that a woman shouted at her from the porch because she had parked in what the woman called "her lot".

"When I politely asked her to come out to talk, she refused, continued shouting, then slammed her front door. Hate to say it, but full disclosure: I too have been afraid to park there since, and have not," she said.

Jade also called for netizens to share their thoughts on whether they have faced similar incidences and their suggestions.

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