Ex-TVB actor Lee Lung Kei, 72, transfers 7 properties to 36-year-old girlfriend

PHOTO: Instagram/Chris Wong

Many people pride themselves on treating their girlfriends like queens, but Lee Kung Kei has taken it one step further.

Recently, the Hong Kong actor — who is a popular pick by TVB to play emperors in their dramas — spoke to Hong Kong media and revealed that he has transferred seven of his properties to his girlfriend to ensure her future is secure.

The 72-year-old has been in a relationship with 36-year-old Chris Wong for four years and it's been stable despite their age difference.

Lung Kei, who has been active in showbiz from 1980, is best known for his roles in Journey to the West (1996), Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (1982) and Hot Choi (1980). Chris is a Chinese artist who recently enrolled in a programme to study sales management.

Their relationship came to light in 2020, when Lung Kei shared that Chris had miscarried in her third trimester.

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They are widely known as the "grandfather-granddaughter couple" due to their huge age gap, but they're still going strong.

In February, Lung Kei revealed that they have plans to get married later this year.

He elaborated: "Chris said that if we want to get married, I have to first ask my prospective parents-in-law for their desired amount of betrothal gifts."

But he hasn't gotten the chance to yet, due to travel restrictions in China because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"If all goes well, we will [get married] this year, but I want to keep it low profile. There will not be a wedding banquet, I will simply invite a few friends for a meal," he added.

Appearing bummed out by the idea, Chris said in response: "We'll see."

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