'I feel less shy now': Song Kang on nude scene in Sweet Home 2, his last drama before enlistment

'I feel less shy now': Song Kang on nude scene in Sweet Home 2, his last drama before enlistment
South Korean actor Song Kang.
PHOTO: Netflix

K-drama fans will have to bid a temporary goodbye to another beloved actor soon.

South Korean heartthrob Song Kang confirmed at the press conference for the second season of the hit 2020 K-drama Sweet Home today (Nov 30) that the series will be his last one before his mandatory enlistment.

"Yes, this is my last show. That's the way things are. It's obviously something that is my responsibility so I will fulfil my duty as a military serviceman, and I will be back healthy and well," said the 29-year-old. It is not known yet when he will enlist.

In Netflix's Sweet Home, Song Kang plays the main character Cha Hyun-soo, who moves into Green Home Apartment and is trapped there with other residents when monsters and a novel disease bring the world into chaos.

In season two, Hyun-soo ventures out of the apartment compound with other residents and they fight to survive in disastrous conditions.

Familiar faces from season one will return too, such as Lee Si-young, Lee Jin-uk, Go Min-si and Park Gyu-young, with new cast members like veteran actors Yoo Oh-seong, Kim Moo-yeol, Jung Jin-young and Oh Jung-se.

Min-si, who stars as Lee Eun-yoo, takes on a completely different look this time round, donning a bob cut.

The 28-year-old revealed in the press conference that she went to an action school three months prior to filming in preparation for her scenes.


"Eun-yoo cut her hair and she doesn't wear ballet shoes anymore. She wears military boots and always has a knife in her hand. Her whole body is covered in scars," she elaborated.

"It was really tiring… I thought I wasn't the cowardly type but that wasn't the case. I was quite scared at times and I always thought to myself, 'When is this going to end?'"

Si-young, 41, navigates through a change in her character Seo Yi-kyeong as well: "Yi-kyeong's biggest turning point in season 2 is giving birth to her child… There was some fear within me - 'Am I going to be able to handle the emotional depth?'"

'I feel less shy now'

Song Kang also left the cast cracking up as he talked about his nude scene in Sweet Home 2.

Though he's done steamy shirtless scenes in other dramas such as Nevertheless (2021) and Forecasting Love and Weather (2022), the above-mentioned scene appears to be his first time nude on screen.

"My palms are sweaty now. I put a lot of effort into that scene. My back is shown so I worked out a lot to make sure that I had muscles there," he laughed.

"I'm usually the shy type – I'm an introvert – but after filming that scene… I feel less shy."

Sweet Home 2 will stream on Netflix from Dec 1




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