'He has too many dramas to film': TVB actress Roxanne Tong complains about Kenneth Ma before wedding

A photo of Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma.
PHOTO: Instagram/Roxanne Tong, Instagram/Kenneth Ma

Work gets in the way of many things, including wedding shoots.

When doing publicity for her new drama Secret Door, TVB actress Roxanne Tong was asked by Oriental Daily News about her upcoming wedding with fellow actor Kenneth Ma.

Both Roxanne, 36, and Kenneth, 49, have been engaged since January 2023. Kenneth said that it was a "simple" engagement and Roxanne clarified that she was not pregnant.

She revealed that she has been losing weight for her wedding photoshoot, which will be held in a foreign country.

However, there is but one impediment.

"I am still waiting for Kenneth to give me his availability, as he has too many dramas to film," the soon-to-be bride lamented.

She added that Kenneth lacks a sense of ritual, implying that he does not value the wedding shoot as much as she does. The photoshoot, Roxanne said, is a chance to build beautiful memories.

She expressed that the theme of the wedding will not be unicorns as they have all matured. Back in June 2020, they made public their romance by posting a photo of unicorn and horse soft toys on their social media pages.

Nonetheless, Roxanne commended Kenneth's acting chops, saying that every of his drama series has been exciting and she sees him as her idol in acting.

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