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Joe Chen accepts Most Disappointing Actress award, responds with humour

Joe Chen accepts Most Disappointing Actress award, responds with humour
Taiwanese actress Joe Chen.
PHOTO: Weibo/Joe Chen

Joe Chen won Most Disappointing Actress at the 15th Golden Broom Awards for her 2023 movie Could You Don't Leave Me, which also took home Most Disappointing Film and Most Disappointing Director.

Explaining that she was unable to receive the award in person because she was filming, Joe, 45, took to Chinese social media platform Weibo to share her thoughts.

"As an actress I accept all suggestions and judgements. I will continue to work hard for this job that I love. I hope I won't win this award next year. Thank you," she wrote.

She humorously added a selfie of herself with a nosebleed filter and added a broom sticker in reference to the name of the awards.

Netizens took to the comments section of her post to commend her positive attitude.

"People with a good mindset live a happy and comfortable life!" commented one netizen.

A playful fan comforted her: "You are still very good. You won an award for a movie role in which you had a cameo for only a few minutes."

Could You Don't Leave Me tells the story of four couples who are facing challenges in their relationships and lives as they enter their thirties. Joe takes on the role of Lin Fangfei, a business school lecturer.


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