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Julia Fox has shrine to ghost in new home

Julia Fox has shrine to ghost in new home
PHOTO: Instagram/Julia Fox

Julia Fox has a shrine to a ghost in her new home.

The 33-year-old model-actress bought a house in New York City last year and when she was first "drawn" to the abode, she could feel a spiritual presence there which made the property feel "magical".

She told Vulture: "Most recently, I was drawn to this home and then when I bought it, I went downstairs and there was a whole shrine set up for the ghost that lived there."

"And before I saw the shrine, I knew that there was a ghost drawing me to the house because every time I would go it would be, like, on a full moon and it was always magical, mystical, supernatural."

"I believe in other dimensions."

The actress believes the ghost "watches over" her and her three-year-old son Valentino, who she has with ex-husband Peter Artemiev.

She added: "She's the matriarch of the home and she watches over us. Her name is Beauty."

Meanwhile, Julia recently expressed her frustration at being regarded as a sex object.

She told the December/January issue of Cosmopolitan UK magazine: "Women's bodies should be celebrated and shouldn't just be viewed as sexual objects. Anyone getting mad at me for showing a lot of skin has slapped this label on me as a sexual being."

"But I'm so much more than that - and sex is the last f****** thing I do with this body. I'm proud of my body. Why wouldn't I wear something revealing, really cool and artsy? Why choose to interpret my body as a sexual object?"

The Uncut Gems actress hailed her body a "miracle" because she carried her son.

She added: "My body is so tough. It made another body. It is a miracle. I am so, so strong…He is my anchor."

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