Lucy Liu took nude photos of Drew Barrymore on the set of Charlie's Angels

Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore.
PHOTO: Instagram/Lucy Liu, Instagram/Drew Barrymore

Lucy Liu took nude photos of Drew Barrymore on the set of Charlie's Angels.

The two actresses worked together, along with Cameron Diaz, on the movie 22 years ago and after Drew revealed she had been looking for the intimate pictures that had been taken backstage, her friend revealed she still has the "gorgeous" images.

The pair enjoyed a reunion on The Drew Barrymore Show this week, and the 48-year-old host said to her guest: "Do you know what, I was actually trying to find… the nude photographs you took of me on the set of Charlie's, in my dressing room."

Lucy replied: "Oh, I have them. You look gorgeous [in them], as you still do, and you're so natural and playful and having a great time."

And it seems Drew isn't the only person to have posed nude for 54-year-old Lucy.

She added: "I have a series of portraits of people, with and without clothes on."

The pair reminisced about making the action comedy and Drew admitted Lucy was much more "dedicated" to training for the role than she and Cameron had been.

She said: "You were so dedicated and me and Cameron were both so naughty sometimes."

Lucy retorted: "She was so good. You weren't! You were naughty."

But Lucy admitted the training schedule had been gruelling.

She said: "I remember pain, and we were pretty bada**. I remember eight hours a day training, five days a week."

Lucy can next be seen in Shazam: Fury of the Gods and she praised the attitude of her veteran co-star, Dame Helen Mirren.

She said: "Well, she shows up on time, and her thing is 'Be on time and don't be a…' and that's all you have to do. And not everyone can do that, obviously, but that's her motto and it works. And you know what? She does it, and she's perfection."

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