Mark Lee teases sequel to Golden Horse-nominated drag queen movie Number 1

Mark Lee teases sequel to Golden Horse-nominated drag queen movie Number 1
Singaporean comedian and actor Mark Lee will be reprising his role in the sequel to Number 1.
PHOTO: Instagram/Mark Lee

Is Mark Lee finally going to win a Golden Horse Award this time round?

In an Instagram post yesterday (June 6), the 54-year-old Singaporean comedian and actor shared a photo, believed to be the cover page of a script, with the name of the film sequel to Number 1. The name of local director Ong Kuo Sin, who directed the first movie, can also be seen at the top of the photo.

Mark also wrote the caption in Mandarin: "Much anticipated, I just got it and it's still warm."

Number 1, which was released in 2020, is a heartwarming dramedy centred around Chow Chee Beng (Mark Lee) who becomes the manager of a popular drag club with the titular name after he's retrenched and has to find work to support his family.

Chee Beng is embarrassed with his work at first but slowly grows to find out more about the plight of the drag performers and the stigma that they face in society. One night, while trying to save a performance, he accidentally becomes a drag queen sensation.

Mark's performance in Number 1 received the nod of approval from audiences and he was nominated for Best Leading Actor at the Golden Horse Awards in 2020. The movie was also nominated for Best Makeup and Costume Design at the awards and later won in the category.

Netizens expressed their anticipation for the sequel in the comments section of the post, including Taiwanese transgender actress Kiwebaby, who was Mark's Number 1 co-star, and local actor Christopher Lee.

Information about the plot and other cast members for the sequel for Number 1 have not been released.

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