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Matthew McConaughey laughs off severe reaction to bee sting that left his face swollen

Matthew McConaughey laughs off severe reaction to bee sting that left his face swollen
PHOTO: Instagram/Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has laughed off a severe reaction to a bee sting that left his face horrifically swollen.

The actor, 54, shared the impact of the insect attack in a graphic photo posted to his Instagram page that showed him grinning despite his right eye being so ballooned and inflamed it had completely closed over.

He joked in a caption alongside the snap: "Bee swell."

It's unclear how or where he was stung.

But the Oscar-winner has been recently working on finishing his latest movie project, crime thriller The Rivals of Amziah King.

Plots of the film have been kept secret but pictures have emerged from the set of Matthew in character carrying boxes of honey.

Bee stings can spark inflammation and complications including optic neuritis and glaucoma when they sting someone near the eye.

Matthew was seen shooting his upcoming movie last year in Alabama, but it has now finished shooting and moved to post-production.

The movie also stars Kurt Russell, Cole Sprouse and Owen Teague.

Matthew isn't a stranger to on-set injuries, and cut his face so badly in 2008 he needed stitches while training for the film The Grackle - which was never finished.

Daredevil Matthew also petted a live tiger for his 2016 thriller Gold, and told Vulture about the encounter: "We shot that in New Mexico as the last scene of the movie, and I don't think that's coincidental.

"If something happened during that scene, they wouldn't need me on the screen anymore."

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