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'Maybe it's not my weekend': All Time Low concert in Singapore cut short as singer gets food poisoning

'Maybe it's not my weekend': All Time Low concert in Singapore cut short as singer gets food poisoning
All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth (centre) in Singapore with bassist Zack Merrick (left) and drummer Rian Dawson.
PHOTO: Instagram/Alex Gaskarth

[UPDATE: MAY 7, 9.30AM]

A spokesperson from LAMC Productions replied to AsiaOne that, according to All Time Low's production manager, the concert duration was around 50 mins.

[UPDATE: 3.45PM]

LAMC Productions has posted a statement on Instagram, where they wrote that Alex Gaskarth was sent to the hospital after the All Time Low concert and discharged early this morning (May 6).

"We are working closely with All Time Low to bring them back to Singapore again as soon as possible," the statement read. 

"There will be no refunds but we would like to offer each All Time Low ticket-holder a $30 unique promo code redeemable on any LAMC show over the next year. The promo code will be emailed to you directly by Sistic."

All Time Low's concert in Singapore was cut short on Sunday (May 5) as lead singer Alex Gaskarth got food poisoning.

The band was performing at Fort Canning Park for Singapore Rockfest 2024 but one TikTok video uploaded by user Stephycube shows guitarist Jack Barakat announcing that the 36-year-old was unwell during the show.

"The bad news is Alex has food poisoning," the 35-year-old can be heard saying. "For now, we're gonna do a Blink-182 cover."

"Yeah, please bear with me if I have to run off this stage," Alex said.

Jack replied: "Alex, good news man, I know, like, five Blink songs. So every time you gotta go, we got you covered, baby!"

As Alex left the stage for the second time that night, the video shows the band breaking into a cover of the California pop-punk band's hit All The Small Things, much to the crowd's joy.

"Came to watch All Time Low, got the Jack Barakat stand-up comedy show featuring a Blink-182 cover band," Stephycube captioned their TikTok.

They wrote in the comments: "For real though, when they were like, 'Time bomb set into motion / We knew that we were destined to explode' (from song Time-Bomb), I was like, Alex, are you okay singing this?"

@stephycube came to watch ATL, got the Jack Barakat stand-up comedy show ft a Blink-182 cover band 🤘🤪 in all seriousness hope alex gets better soon 🫶 they had to cut the show to seek medical attention #alltimelow #alltimelowsingapore #alexgaskarth #jackbarakat #riandawson #zachmerrick #COMEBACKSOON🥺 ♬ original sound - stephycube

Another TikTok clip uploaded by concertgoer SupperNi states that All Time Low only performed for 30 minutes due to Alex's food poisoning.

The video aptly shows the group performing their song Weightless with its lyrics: "Maybe it's not my weekend / But it's gonna be my year".

@supperni 30 minutes of All Time Low due to Alex having food poisoning. #alltimelow #alltimelowsingapore #alltimelowsg #concertsingapore2024 ♬ original sound - SupperNi

An All Time Low fan going only by Sakthis told AsiaOne: "After the first song Weightless, Alex went off-stage and Jack mentioned they will be singing a Blink-182 cover while Alex dealt with food poisoning.

"And Jack said they will try their best to play all night as they had a lot of songs and they didn't want to let the crowd down."

The IT engineer, 30, added that after the sixth or seventh song, Jack said "they'll be cutting the concert short as Alex was starting to face difficulty standing and playing".

They said that the band threw a lot of guitar picks and drum sticks to the audience and Jack went around "shaking everyone's hands apologising" afterwards. shows that All Time Low only managed 10 songs during the concert, with another Blink-182 song Dammit also covered earlier without Alex.

The Maryland band's songs Missing You and Dear Maria Count Me In were also performed without Alex with bassist Zack Merrick on vocals for the latter track. It was also the last song on their setlist.

@batang_kawawa Dear Maria (minus Alex) #alltimelow #alltimelowsingapore ♬ original sound - batang_kawawa

"It felt as though everyone was in denial that it happened. A lot of the people there were still hanging around with their friends — dancing, singing along and taking photos," another fan going by Batrisyia told AsiaOne

"For my friends and I, it felt like a fever dream because the concert didn't even last an hour and they had to end it," the public relations consultant, 24, added. "We didn't have plans set for after the concert so we were just waiting around till we decided to leave the site."

A third fan who wanted to be known as Mira, 25, said: "By the time they announced the concert was going to be cancelled, my friends and I were just in shock and denial, so much so that we didn't leave even after the band left the stage for a good 30 minutes or so.

"Which was apparently what most people thought as well, it was practically an after-party for the die-hard fans when they left."

Many fans were sad to have waited for seven years since All Time Low's last show in Singapore only to have the concert cut short, but were sympathetic and wished Alex a speedy recovery.

However, some also hope to get refunds from the concert organisers.

Sakthis told AsiaOne that some members of the crowd were displeased when Jack announced that Alex was unwell.

"Surprisingly the VIP ticket-holders (not many anyways) and meet-and-greet fans were sympathetic," they said. "It was mostly the general ticket-holders who started booing and started shouting for refunds saying that they spent a lot of money.

"People showing thumbs-down hand signs."

"This was my first time watching them live. And if it's possible, I'd really love a refund but I'm just hoping that Alex gets well soon now!" Batrisyia said.

Tickets cost $158 for the concert.

On TikTok, a fan wrote: "May we be refunded at least 50 per cent from this halfway show?"

"Sad Alex got food poisoning last night and had to end the concert one hour earlier," another concertgoer on X wrote. "Get well soon, but my money [sobbing emoji], give it back."


"A bunch of people from the concert have been checking All Time Low and (organiser) LAMC's page but were shocked that there's radio silence," Mira told AsiaOne.

"I think more than a refund, people were expecting a statement of some sort to address the situation, given that concerned fans wanted to know what happened to Alex and those who wanted a refund or explanation felt LAMC could've said something instead of leaving fans with nothing."


AsiaOne has contacted LAMC Productions for more information.

Fortunately for Alex, it appears that he had some time to see the sights and sounds of Singapore before falling ill.

An Instagram post shared by him earlier on Sunday shows photos of Chijmes and the band backstage.

He also had some free time to play video games.

"Get well soon, Alex! Hope you reschedule the Singapore show, we wanna hear the rest of the set so bad!" a fan commented.

Another wrote: "Get well and see you soon, Alex."

All Time Low next performs in Tokyo on May 7.



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