'My favourite CP': Chen Xiuhuan reunites with former co-star Sean Say, sparks nostalgia

'My favourite CP': Chen Xiuhuan reunites with former co-star Sean Say, sparks nostalgia
Sean Say and Chen Xiuhuan now and in the '90s.
PHOTO: Instagram/Chen Xiuhuan

"Do you know who he is?"

Chen Xiuhuan took to Instagram yesterday (Nov 22) to share photos of a familiar face Singaporeans may remember from the '90s.

The 58-year-old local actress reunited with her old co-star, former actor Sean Say.

"Long time no see! So happy to see you again," she added in the caption, adding the hashtag #bff.

She not only shared photos of their recent meet-up but also throwback photos of the pair, with one being a magazine cover from all the way back in 1992.

Fellow actors Christopher Lee and Brandon Wong posted heart emojis in the comments.

"Oh my god, big bro," commented Terence Cao, also with heart emojis.


Fans remembered Sean too, with one commenting: "Omg, so many memories! One of my childhood favourite leads."

Others shared that Sean was "still as handsome" and doesn't look like he has aged.

"My favourite CP," wrote another about the pair.

Sean and Xiuhuan were co-stars in drama The Winning Team (1990), with Xiuhuan playing Fang Mei and fellow actress Chen Liping playing Ding Hui, two volleyball players who had their identities switched at birth due to a fire in 1970.

Sean played Heping, who is initially matchmade with Ding Hui, but prefers Fang Mei instead.

They also starred in 1991's A Time To Dance.


Another actor who recently met up with Sean is Chew Chor Meng.

"Old friend, old colleague," he shared with a photo they took together.

A fan commented: "Sean Say, forever my prince charming!"

"My childhood TV stars," wrote another.




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