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Screaming Fann Wong overcomes fear to do this for her son

Screaming Fann Wong overcomes fear to do this for her son
PHOTO: Instagram/ fannaiaiwong

Motherhood is a coming-of-age milestone where grown women shed (some of) their fears and do squeamish stuff, all out of love for their offspring.

See Exhibit A: local actress Fann Wong.

The 49-year-old uploaded a video to Instagram yesterday (Feb 19) of her — hands clad in latex gloves some more — transferring a box of caterpillars to another box with fresh leaves. She headlined the video "When your son insists that the caterpillars be fed".

What happened next were lots of high-pitched screaming, awesome graphics overlay, and emotional captions.

"I have a difficult life," she wrote.

"My heart wants to die," came next.


And when five-year-old Zed reached out towards the creepy crawlies, Fann uttered shakily: "Don't touch, please!"

There was also some cute passive-aggressiveness towards her husband, actor Christopher Lee.

"Baba! Where are you? Stop playing golf! Come back home!" the captions read at the beginning of the video.

When the gritty task was completed, Fann then wrote: "Daddy, I will fry these (rotting leaves) for you to go with beer."

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