'Shorts or pants, a T-shirt with flip-flops': Lee Je-hoon dresses casually when in Singapore, walks around a lot

'Shorts or pants, a T-shirt with flip-flops': Lee Je-hoon dresses casually when in Singapore, walks around a lot
Lee Je-hoon takes walks to explore Singapore when he's in town.
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It's possible to hide a gem in plain sight it seems, especially if it's Lee Je-hoon dressed as an inconspicuous local.

In a press conference today (March 24) for his new Viu K-drama, Taxi Driver 2, Je-hoon revealed that he's actually been out and about in Singapore quite a few times.

"To tell the truth, it's been quite a while since I've officially visited Singapore," the 38-year-old South Korean actor said. "But I personally come here quite frequently."

He explained: "As you know, during the pandemic, a lot of countries restricted tourists. But Singapore's restrictions were lifted earlier than other countries, and I've actually visited earlier this year and the year before already."

During his time in Singapore, Je-hoon visited Chinatown and is familiar with "a lot of places", he said. However, he had never been to some iconic places such as Joo Chiat or Sentosa.

The press conference today was held at Sentosa and Je-hoon expressed how excited he was to be there.


"I truly love Singapore and walk around a lot, but for Sentosa, it's my first time visiting it… for me, the distance to Sentosa [from my hotel] was too far to walk, so this is my first time coming here and I've done so by car."

And when it comes to exploring what Singapore has to offer, the topic of food is a must-ask.

Discussing what his favourite food is, Je-hoon couldn't help but hesitate as he waffled between choices such as bak kut teh and Hainanese chicken rice.

Unable to choose a singular dish, Je-hoon ultimately decided that he'd opt for a buffet instead.

As for what he wears when he's here, Je-hoon shared: "Usually, when I walk around Singapore, I'll be wearing shorts or pants and a T-shirt with flip-flops."

Although Je-hoon dresses himself plainly, he still occasionally gets recognised while in public.

Recalling some experiences he's had where he was recognised by taxi drivers, he said: "It was so much fun. It was really surprising to see that people recognise me and want to take photographs with me.

"After my official schedule, I spend time around my hotel, walking about. And sometimes when I explore, I [ride taxis]. 

"When I do, drivers don't realise it's me until I say 'thank you', and once they hear my voice they'll check their rear-view mirror and look back, saying, 'Oh! Is that Lee Je-hoon?'"

Je-hoon cheekily joked that he would then immediately reply: "Please watch Taxi Driver, I'm promoting it!"

Je-hoon is currently in Singapore to promote the sequel Taxi Driver 2, where he plays Kim Do-gi, a vigilante under the guise of a career cabbie who, upon requests from victims, exacts vengeance on criminals. 

He will also hold a fan meet on Saturday (March 25) at the Stephen Riady Auditorium at two timings: 2pm and 6pm. Tickets are available online via Sistic.

Taxi Driver 2 is streaming on Viu. 

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