Tay Ping Hui leaves agency to go solo: 'Freedom can be a little intimidating but it is extremely liberating'

Tay Ping Hui leaves agency to go solo: 'Freedom can be a little intimidating but it is extremely liberating'
Local actor Tay Ping Hui enters a new phase of his career.
PHOTO: Instagram/Tay Ping Hui

Five years ago he ventured out of his comfort zone to act in China.

Now, local actor Tay Ping Hui's taking another gamble and leaving his management agency GHY Culture & Media to go solo.

"It has been a great time with GHY for the past five years," wrote the 53-year-old in the caption of his Instagram video uploaded yesterday (March 12).

"But now it is time to move on and do the things that I want to do, pick projects that I am passionate about and work with people that I want to work with.

"Freedom can be a little intimidating, but it is extremely liberating... Who knows? Maybe I shall head west in search of new challenges."

In 2018, Ping Hui left Mediacorp after 19 years with the local broadcasting network and signed with Perfect World Pictures, a China-based entertainment company, which later became known as GHY Culture & Media.

"It was not an easy decision. I was at the top of my game, having established myself in multiple disciplines. Things were going great," he recalled in the video.

"From the safe waters of Singapore, I jumped into the big ocean of China, where the sharks swam and the weak and feeble were devoured."

He went on to star in the 2020 Chinese dramas Handsome Siblings, alongside actors like Chen Zheyuan and Hu Yitian, and Heroes with Vincent Zhao and Mao Linlin.

More recently, he took on a support role in Brave Heart 2 (2021) and Sisterhood (2023).


After showing behind-the-scenes footage of his roles in those dramas, Ping Hui remarked: "It has been a journey that has taken me to many places... and has given me the privilege of participating in numerous events and doing the things that I truly loved."

He then concluded that "today will be the first day of a new journey".

"I shall be moving on solo. I am looking forward to the future where I have the total creative freedom to do the things that spark joy in my heart," he said, adding that he will continue to challenge himself in his career.

Local and overseas celebrities took to the comments section to voice their support.

Hong Kong actress Jessica Hsuan wrote: "You are so talented in so many ways. You will do well and wishing you a wonderful journey ahead!"

"I wish you all the very best in your new endeavours and journey! Cheers to independence day!" commented local actor Zhang Geping. "May all your wishes come true and that everything will go well. You'll have a bright future and success is imminent! Time for a drink with me."



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