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7 instant ramen hacks we found on the internet to upgrade your WFH lunch

7 instant ramen hacks we found on the internet to upgrade your WFH lunch
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Now that dining out is once again not an option, many of us are starting to put our pots and pans to good use again.

You could check out these quick meal recipes, but if you’re really strapped for time, instant noodles are lifesavers — albeit not too healthy ones. Whether you’re a ramen (or ramyeon, if you will) fanatic or seeking a fuss-free lunch, we’ve rounded up hacks we trawled through the Internet for so you can up your instant noodle game.

Kewpie mayo ramen

A dollop of creamy Kewpie mayo, an egg and grated or minced garlic add creaminess and plenty of divine flavour in this wildly trending TikTok recipe, as demonstrated by YouTube creator Emmy Cho.

Mix the mayo, egg and garlic together with half of the hot starchy water from the cooked ramen to combine it well, then pour it together with your ramen to enjoy.

Hwasa's truffle jjajang ramyeon

How do South Korean pop idols do it?

Hwasa starts by cooking the noodles before emptying the seasoning packet (get the jjajang flavoured ones) and letting it reduce into a thick sauce that clings to each strand. Her secret (literally) sauce? She adds generous lashings of aromatic truffle oil and mixes it all up with an egg yolk.

TikTok ramen


#stitch with @westnest4 trying the tiktok instant ramen recipe #ramen #foodtiktok #foryou #recipe

♬ original sound - insta noodls

Another ramen hack that’s been making its rounds in the realm of TikTok (or just Google ‘TikTok Ramen’ for the recipe) and ditches the seasoning packet — think ramen noodles stir-fried with butter, garlic, egg, brown sugar and soy sauce.

It’s saucy, sweet yet full of umami, and apparently similar to the all-time favourite Indomie but extra garlicky.

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Ramen lasagna


Ramen lasagna huh? BET! Reply to @ilykeriaa #recipes #ramen #collegefood #cooking #diy #food #howto

♬ BOO! - Championxiii

It might sound bizarre but yes, ramen lasagna is a thing.

Cheese and ramen (or ramyeon) has already been proven to go well together so it’s no surprise that this would prove to be palatable, if not delicious.

All you have to do is layer precooked noodles with tomato sauce and cheese, and stick it in the oven for 45 minutes, according to this Popsugar recipe.

Ramen grilled cheese


Ramen Grilled Cheese?! Ok! Reply to @abtta280 #ramen #food #recipes #collegefood #howto #diy

♬ Stuck in the Middle - Tai Verdes

Here’s an inventive take on the classic grilled cheese.

Cook ramen noodles till tender, drain and combine with an egg. Then press the noodles down in container and flatten with a fork. Make one for each side. Add one of the ramen ‘patties’ in pan, add cheese, then layer it with another ramen patty. Cook till cheese has melted and it’s browned on each side.

Toss in your toppings of choice, like bacon or spam. Or for a punchy twist with kimchi, check out this recipe.

Ramen fried rice

Got leftover rice in the fridge and a packet of instant noodles?

You can make this savoury carb-on-carb dish that requires just a few ingredients. The key is to crush the ramen before cooking so they are well incorporated with the noodles.



How to make Rabokki ??‍?? @nongshimusa #quickrecipes #cooking #recipe #tiktokchef #koreanfood #rabokki #tteokbokki #추천 #fyp #foryou #chefchrischo

♬ original sound - Chef Chris Cho

If you’ve ever thought of combining your love for ramyeon and tteokbokki, you’re not alone.

Rabboki, the love child of ramyeon noodles and chewy rice cakes, is nothing new and is actually a popular Korean street food. Check out this video on how to make your own.

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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