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Ayana Resort, a journey into the heart of Bali's enchanted paradise

Ayana Resort, a journey into the heart of Bali's enchanted paradise
PHOTO: City Nomads

Nestled in the charming fishing village of Jimbaran, Ayana Resort emerges as a colossal sanctuary, sprawling over 90 hectares of lush Balinese landscape, while every greeting from the staff with a heartfelt "Selamat pagi" felt like a warm embrace.

This resort isn't just a place to stay; it's a realm of its own, boasting an array of facilities and experiences that promise an unforgettable escape in Bali. 

Ayana's location is a launchpad to Bali's treasures. A mere 30 minutes away, Uluwatu's famed surf and clifftop vistas beckon, while the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park offers a cultural odyssey with its monumental sculptures and gardens. Closer to home, the lively Kedonganan Fish Market and Jimbaran's bustling local markets offer a glimpse into the everyday vibrancy of Balinese life.

Ayana harmoniously blends the allure of secluded luxury with the enriching experiences of Bali's landscapes, culture, and tradition, making it an unparalleled base for exploration and discovery.

The breathtaking rooms

Our experience in the 2BR Ocean View Suite at Ayana Segara was nothing short of spectacular. Waking up to the gentle whispers of the ocean was a daily delight, and the suite's design, with its handcrafted furnishings by local artisans, captured the island's spirituality at every turn.

The private terrace opened up to breathtaking panoramic ocean views-arguably the best in the resort-offering moments of reflection and connection with nature. The thoughtful inclusion of a zen-like bathroom, complete with a luxurious tub and non-slip concrete gravel flooring, added an element of indulgence to our stay.

Food & beverage offerings

Dining at Ayana was a captivating culinary voyage. Luna Rooftop dazzled with its beautiful sunset panoramas and diverse menu, where the salmon nicoise stood out for its excellence. Meanwhile, Scusa charmed us with creative dishes like the innovative tuna tartare and strawberry gazpacho. The morning's breakfast buffet, blending Asian and Western influences, showcased the staff's dedication to culinary diversity and quality.

Amenities and facilities

Ayana's plethora of facilities, from the serene spa gardens to the iconic Rock Bar overlooking the Indian Ocean, ensured that our days were filled with discovery and relaxation.

Ayana Spa, in particular, stood out with its exceptional service and the therapeutic hands of the therapists who melted away the tensions of the world outside.

The resort's commitment to showcasing Bali's rich history and traditions was evident, particularly with the recent opening of the Saka Museum. Named after the Balinese Saka calendar, Saka offers an immersive dive into the Day of Silence, Nyepi, and the essence of Balinese culture.

Walking through its exhibits, I was transported into the world of Tri Hita Karana, where harmony between God, nature, and humanity is beautifully woven into every aspect of life. 

The essence of Ayana's commitment to sustainability and cultural preservation is vividly embodied by the enchanting AyanaFarm. More than a source of premium resort produce, this vibrant educational hub invites guests and the local community to engage with sustainable farming practices integral to Balinese tradition.


Ayana Farm is a living emblem of the island's agricultural heritage, championing the synergy between nature and humanity and mirroring Bali's deep-rooted cultural spirit.

My time at Ayana was an immersive journey into the heart of Bali.

The resort masterfully caters to families, couples, and solo travellers alike, offering a sanctuary away from the bustling world, where luxury meets tradition in perfect harmony. 

Ayana Resort is located at 647Q+GP, Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. For bookings and more information, please visit their website, call +62 361 702222, or email Rates start from Rp 4,274,635. 

This article was first published in City Nomads.

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