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Blast from the past: Tamagotchi Connection virtual pets are coming back as Bandai marks 20th anniversary

Blast from the past: Tamagotchi Connection virtual pets are coming back as Bandai marks 20th anniversary
PHOTO: Bandai

This one is a blast from the past.

Remember a time a few decades ago when certain digital pets were all the rage?

Well, video game company Bandai Namco is looking to bring back that sense of nostalgia with its upcoming release.

A refreshed set of Tamagotchi Connection virtual pets will be released on July 9 to celebrate 20 years since it first came out in 2004.

The 2024 series comes in six bright and colourful designs: Ice Cream, Bubbles, Rainbow Sky, Clear Retro, Blue Graffiti and Pink Graffiti.

It now comes with a brand-new ball chain, making it easy to carry around. Just attach it to your backpack and you're ready to go.

Something fun to look out for is that each design has different items for your character.

The Ice Cream Tamagotchi Connection includes a password for your pet to enjoy an ice cream while a Clear Retro character receives a waffle instead.

Each Tamagotchi Connection costs US$29.99, which is roughly S$40.40.

Blue Graffiti and Pink Graffiti come in a bundle of two, going for US$57.99.

Pre-orders can already be made on, just note that these prices do not include additional shipping costs.

More friends, more fun

The 2004 Tamagotchi Connection was rather groundbreaking, due to its built-in infrared communications feature.

It allowed players to connect with friends, meaning they could play games or exchange gifts with each other. 

Tamagotchi characters could even get married and bring in the next generation.

Fans will also be glad to find out that there are more than 50 different characters to take care of.

This includes traditional ones like Mametchi and Memetchi, along with other popular characters like Young Mimitchi and Ichigotchi.

And just like the good old days, the iconic infrared feature and nostalgic characters will be part of the 2024 edition.


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