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Cherry Discotheque to continue selling 'cai fan' priced from $3.50 during lunchtime after overwhelming response to April Fool's 'joke'

Cherry Discotheque to continue selling 'cai fan' priced from $3.50 during lunchtime after overwhelming response to April Fool's 'joke'
PHOTO: Instagram/laurengohh, Instagram/cherrydiscotheque

What was initially meant as an April Fool's Day joke has turned out to be a viable business venture.

Cherry Discotheque first posted about the opening of 'Cherry Kopitiam' selling economic rice as a gag idea in the spirit of the April Fool's.

The response was unexpectedly positive however, with many netizens expressing interest in patronising the 'stall', Cherry's marketing manager Wong Wee Man told Shin Min Daily News.

Cherry Discotheque is located at 133 Cecil Street within the Central Business District, a space they've occupied since 2018. The nightspot, popular with many Gen Z clubbers, was previously operating in hotels along Orchard Road.

"The team didn't expect that [the post] would trigger such an overwhelming response. But then everyone thought that selling economic rice in a nightclub was an unprecedented concept, so it sparked the idea of turning the joke into reality," said Wee Man.

And now, it looks like the concept is here to stay.

While 'Cherry Kopitiam' officially opened its doors on April 8 as a pop-up concept till the end of April, an Instagram post on May 2 indicated that the novel business idea will be continuing thanks to the encouraging response.


In the interview with Shin Min, the 26-year-old said that the 'cai fan' stall saw brisk business in April, selling "100 to 150" plates per day. Office workers from nearby make up the bulk of their clientele.

He pointed out that the competitive prices at Cherry Kopitiam might have played a part, as food prices in the CBD area tend to be higher.

At Cherry Kopitiam, a plate of rice with one meat and one vegetable dish is priced at $3.50, while a plate with one meat and one seafood would cost $5. Three dishes comprising meat, seafood and vegetables start from $6.50. There is also a variety of about 20 dishes to choose from.

Wee Man recounted how a customer had shared with him that a plate of 'cai fan' comprising one meat from other stalls in the area costs around $10. 

Wee Man added, however, that business saw a drop in May, as people might have thought that the Kopitiam would close in April.

He told Shin Min that the team may decide to switch things up in the future, offering new menu items such as mala hotpot or claypot rice to sustain interest. But if the 'cai fan' concept still proves popular, then the stall could still continue to run.

Cherry Kopitiam is currently open on weekday afternoons from 11am to 3pm, with club operations taking over on Wednesday, Fridays and Saturday evenings from 10pm till late.

According to Cherry, the lunchtime food service is provided by Cherry's sister brand 'Shiok Shiok Night Market', which runs a Bangkok-themed supper spot along Orchard Road.

What's more, Cherry has also collaborated with bakery Bakeswell during its lunchtime hours to provide more food options such as cakes and other confectionery.

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