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Couple spends $70,000 to turn 5-room BTO flat into 'Raffles Hotel'

Couple spends $70,000 to turn 5-room BTO flat into 'Raffles Hotel'
One couple drew inspiration from Raffles Hotel when renovating their 5-room HDB flat.
PHOTO: Fifth Avenue Interior

Why pay $2,000 a night for a room at the Raffles Hotel when you can live in a space resembling its luxe interiors?

That's exactly what one couple, Arielle and Nandeesh, did.

While not an exact replica of the rooms at the iconic hotel, their five-room flat in Sengkang certainly draws inspiration from the colonial aesthetic, down to the wainscotting, wall sconces and black-and-white themed kitchen.

Speaking to home and living digital magazine Uchify, the couple and their interior designer from Fifth Avenue Interior gave some insights into why, and how, the humble HDB abode was transformed into the home of the couple's dreams.


One reason Raffles Hotel holds a special place in their hearts is due to the fact that the venue was where the couple got married several years ago. 

And if one can be made to feel as though they're staycation-ing every single day in a five-star hotel, why not?

But it's not all cut-and-paste. The home renovations also feature Indochine and Peranakan design influences, while paying homage to the historical black-and-white colonial bungalows, reported Uchify.

Besides having a built-in library in the living room and a study area featuring classic French doors, the kitchen is where the most effort was spent.

Not least of all on the flooring — made up of three different types of tiles, said interior designer Danny.

And while the couple had overshot their initial renovation budget of $50,000, the couple expressed zero regrets.

With renovation costs totalling about $70,000, to the homeowners, "it was worth it".

Over on TikTok where photos of the home were posted on Uchify's account, many expressed that $70,000 is actually "a reasonable price".

A majority also loved the luxe aesthetic, with the living room and kitchen floor garnering the most compliments.

Others, however, had more practical concerns.

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