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'Don't make the same mistakes as me': Homeowner reveals regrets 2 years after renovations

'Don't make the same mistakes as me': Homeowner reveals regrets 2 years after renovations
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Home.swee.home

Being a homeowner means having the agency to design your new pad just the way you want it.

That's easier said than done as TikTok user Home.swee.home, whose account covers all things related to home renovations and maintenance, found out.

On Nov 21, they posted a video of an update two years after renovating their four-room BTO flat.

@home.swee.home Don't make the same mistakes as me... #sghome #renoregrets #homerenosg #renovationregrets #homeownerwoes ♬ Childhood memories - Luxid

The caption read: "Don't make the same mistakes as me."

No points for guessing that this is very much a case of renovation regrets.

This begins in the bathrooms, with a full-height glass shower screen functioning as a separator between the wet and dry parts of the toilet.

Unfortunately, according to Home.swee.home, having a full-height shower screen can be problematic.

Watermarks can build up quickly and this leads to maintenance work that is "too high".

Having dark herringbone tiles in the shower area seemed like a nice aesthetic touch. The idea was to probably add some personality to the room.

Instead, leftover soap and grout lines meant more time was needed to clean the bathroom.

Another regret Home.swee.home had was in the kitchen where they had the tap installed outside the sink.

When washing hands or doing the dishes, water would splash and form around the tap.

They did not foresee this issue happening during the installation process and the short-term solution now is to use a splash catcher mat.

In the comments section, netizens were left scratching their heads.

Many noted these are issues that needed dealing with but they may not be renovation deficiencies at all.

"This seems like a cleaning problem not a renovation problem," one user commented.

In a separate TikTok video, Home.swee.home pointed out how their home renovation wasn't a complete fail.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets meant there are no gaps for dust to collect. Also, having an open concept kitchen allows for more interaction while letting the space look bigger.

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