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Freebies, manicures: Diners can now get their hair washed at this Haidilao outlet in Malaysia

Freebies, manicures: Diners can now get their hair washed at this Haidilao outlet in Malaysia
PHOTO: Instagram/Eat_happy_p, Instagram/Eat_happy_p

Haidilao has become more than just a place to fill our bellies.

The Chinese hot pot chain is renowned for its customer service, with diners enjoying perks such as free hair ties, screen protectors and complimentary manicures.

But one Haidilao outlet in Malaysia might just have raised the bar, launching a hair washing service for its customers from May 13 onwards.

Do note that this service is only available at IOI Mall Puchong, located in Puchong, Selangor.

On Tuesday (May 7), Instagram user Eat_happy_p headed down to the mall for a preview and shared what it was like to experience a hair wash in Haidilao.


A post shared by 快乐小P (@eat_happy_p)

The nature of a hot pot meal would almost inevitably lead to an unwanted smell lingering (be it on clothes or hair), long after the meal is over.

With this new service, diners at the Haidilao outlet would have the option to walk out of the restaurant with this concern resolved. 

The only catch? One would need 200 Haidilao points to redeem a 20-minute hair washing service.

According to Malaysian publication Says, there is only one hairdressing chair and basin in the restaurant.

So if you're not keen on potentially being stuck in a queue, you might want to inform Haidilao staff early about redeeming those points.

Something for diners to take note of is that the employees are not professional hairdressers. This didn't bother Eat_happy_p one bit.

"I want to experience this again next week!" she wrote in her caption.

Haidilao's hair wash service will only be offered during specific hours on Mondays to Thursdays.

The first session runs from 11am to 3.30pm.

This is followed by a short 30-minute interval before the service resumes from 4pm to 9pm.

As of now, Haidilao fans in Singapore will just have to watch in envy.

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