Hiring manager advises young Singaporeans to 'expand your network' for career progression

Hiring manager advises young Singaporeans to 'expand your network' for career progression
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For those in the working world, it might be a bumpy road ahead.

Job security could be an issue so who better to provide advice on said topic than a hiring manager?

Last Saturday (Feb 17), Fariza Salleh, who goes by Frouhaha on TikTok, spoke about her views on Budget 2024 and how it may impact the workforce.

"It feels like we're not expected to keep the jobs we have now," she said, expressing some nervousness at the implications.

She added: "Even if you're in your 20s or 30s, you should expect at least one career change in your life".

@frouhaha Actually this advice is for my niece. Hannah stay in school get off tiktok #budget2024 #careeradvice ♬ original sound - fariza | big sis energy

Fariza mentioned that there does seem to be more support provided to those above 40 who are keen on upskilling themselves.

During Budget 2024, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced that the government will provide subsidies for Singaporeans in this category to pursue full-time diplomas.

Help will also be given to retrenched workers — in the form of temporary financial support for those who are involuntarily unemployed.

Fariza stated that she herself has "experienced layoffs by Big Tech".

And as a hiring manager, Fariza shared her one simple career advice. 

"Expand your network," the 37-year-old urged.

If you're still young, the "cheapest way" to do so is to stay in school, according to Fariza, who declined to reveal her current role and company when contacted by AsiaOne.

In the video, Fariza described how being exposed to people of different walks of life and family backgrounds had shaped her worldview and network as an adult.

Providing her career journey as an example, Fariza noted that her last three to four jobs in senior management were because of people she knew or have worked with before.

"Step out of your comfort zone, step out of your circle of friends and you will thank me in 10 years time," she said.

In the comments section, many netizens found the content relatable and appreciated the advice.

One TikTok user added their own suggestion.

"Do explore other areas too, to get multiple streams of income," they wrote.

Fariza agreed, replying that it is important to "start small, start early."

To another commenter who shared their fear after having gotten "comfortable" at their jobs, Fariza responded: "I always thought I'd stay in this role till retirement but the earlier we change our mindset the better."

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