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I've lived at Treasure Crest EC in Sengkang for 5 years: Here's my review of this executive condo

I've lived at Treasure Crest EC in Sengkang for 5 years: Here's my review of this executive condo
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Given how property prices have moved in the past few years, it's been tough for families looking to stay in a condo for the facilities and lifestyle it can offer. 

There are still options available in the market, however, one of which is to look at resale Executive Condominiums in areas like Sengkang and Punggol. 

Treasure Crest is located in District 19 and is a 99-year leasehold Executive Condominium. It TOP'ed in September 2018 and has recently reached its MOP. As expected of estates in the area, it is surrounded by amenities such as shopping malls and lots of greenery.

So what factors would make someone choose one condo over another in the same vicinity?

We believe it usually comes down to the small details — little things that match the potential buyer's preferences. The more matching elements, the more satisfying the deal is.

That was what Harold (*not his real name for privacy) experienced in Treasure Crest since they moved in at the beginning of 2019. They wanted a home of their own after getting married and were particularly interested in developments in central or eastern Singapore and had a budget of about $800,000.

As they were both working in the CBD and did not drive to work at the time, good public transport links to the CBD were an important consideration. Harold added that their ideal home would also be near a shopping centre and have easy access to a park and a swimming pool.

"Last but not least, our ideal home has to fit within our budget," Harold said.

So will Treasure Crest Condominium match the little things that also mean a lot to you? Join Harold as he shares his family's experience at the estate.

How Treasure Crest compares to other estates

Harold said they initially considered The Vales, but the three-bedroom unit was slightly above their budget. So the options that remained on their shortlist were Treasure Crest and HDB BTO flats and SBFs in the region

Picking Treasure Crest was a no-brainer for them, though, because it ticked all the boxes for them.

"It has good transport links to the CBD, not too close to the main road, and proximity to a good shopping centre and nature," he elaborated.

In addition, the price of a unit at Treasure Crest was lower than a similar one at The Vales or Bellewaters. Considering that these developments are just a stone's throw away, Harold said it sounded like a good deal.

What made Treasure Crest stand out from other choices

Aside from better pricing, there were other things that attracted the couple to Treasure Crest EC.

"We were drawn to the simple layout of the units," Harold recalled. "There were no strange angles or corners."

They also liked that Treasure Crest is not along the main road, which means lower traffic noise. The swimming pool is 50 metres long and quite wide, and he said it's perfect for doing laps.

The Sengkang Punggol area, while not among the oldest estates in Singapore, was already quite developed. It has a good spread of amenities, including a sports complex and several shopping centres.

The nearest MRT station, which is adjacent to a shopping mall, is within a 15-minute walk from their place, and about half the walk is fully sheltered. The walk to the nearest LRT station takes less than five minutes, although they do not use it much.

What a typical day looks like at Treasure Crest

We asked Harold to give us an overview of the lifestyle and their usual routine at Treasure Crest.

"We like that the nearby Sengkang Riverside Park is beautiful, large, and spacious. We also like that Compass One is within walking distance, so getting groceries and food is easy."

For variety, they would cycle further out to places such as Rivervale Mall, Northshore Plaza, or Waterway Point without breaking into a sweat.

In addition, insofar as the terrain is concerned, the Sengkang Punggol area is quite cyclable due to its relative flatness, and Harold looks forward to the improvements to the cycling infrastructure in Sengkang announced by the LTA in January 2023.

A look behind the facade of Treasure Crest

Every place has its drawbacks. So when we asked Harold to share some of their complaints about staying at Treasure Crest, it was with the intent of foresight. Potential buyers and residents can have an idea of some of the cons of the condo so they can decide if it's something they can simply shrug off.

"One of the biggest gripes we have staying at Treasure Crest is the noise from fighter jets around the Sengkang Punggol area," he answered. "It did not bother us much when we first moved in as the schedule of the flights coincided with our working hours."

Harold recalled that it was during the onset and height of the Covid-19 pandemic — when they were working from home — that they started to notice how loud the aircraft noise could get, particularly with the windows open. It's no longer a big deal to them today, though, as they have resumed work in their offices.

It can also get rather noisy on weekends since their unit is near the children's pool and playground. However, the couple was already aware of this drawback when they bought the unit.

"If I had to nitpick, it would be the side gate access. The side gate opens into an internal road leading to the car park, which means having to look out for traffic when entering or leaving the development on foot."

Finally, Harold shared that although the development has bicycle parking, spaces are limited. Those who wish to park in the bicycle spaces must apply to the management and each unit is not able to register more than one bicycle.

Considerations potential buyers should know

If you're on the fence about buying a unit at Treasure Crest EC, Harold points out a couple of interesting details you should know. One of which is Anchorvale Crescent itself, where Treasure Crest is located.

"There was no Anchorvale Crescent 10 years ago, so all developments there are new."

He said there are also swathes of land in the area that have not yet been developed, but they seemed to be already zoned out for other uses.

Staying at Treasure Crest Condominium

Harold and his wife still enjoy staying at Treasure Crest. When asked about his favourite parts of the condo, he happily provided us with some details without reservations.

He said that the facilities are quite well maintained. However, this is to be expected in a relatively new development.

The size of the estate, with a total of 504 units, is neither too large nor too small. Anything bigger would be overwhelming, and a smaller one would mean higher maintenance costs per unit.

The couple also likes having the swimming pool and gym almost literally at their doorstep, which is a really big plus for them. Additionally, they find their neighbours quite friendly.

Accessibility is one of the major criteria that Treasure Crest satisfied when they chose it in 2016 — and it remains just as satisfying for them.

"Going to work is very convenient as there is a direct bus to the CBD and there are usually empty seats. There's also a direct bus to Changi Airport. And the TPE is just a short drive away." They couldn't get enough of how easy it is to reach the neighbourhood coffee shop and supermarket, which takes only around five minutes of walking.

Despite Treasure Crest's relative proximity to the hospital, he said they don't really hear the sirens from ambulances. The condo is very quiet at night, so they're always assured of a good night's sleep.

So when we asked Harold how long they plan to stay at Treasure Crest, his answer didn't come as a surprise.

"We are grateful for what we have and have no plans to move anywhere else at the moment."

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This article was first published in Stackedhomes.

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