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KitKat with ketchup? I put this viral trend to the test, taking it further with Lao Gan Ma and Kewpie mayo

KitKat with ketchup? I put this viral trend to the test, taking it further with Lao Gan Ma and Kewpie mayo
PHOTO: AsiaOne/Melissa Teo

I consider myself quite the adventurous eater. 

So when I was presented with the task of trying a bizarre food combination, I just couldn't say no. 

For context, there's an ongoing trend where people would film themselves eating KitKat with ketchup. 

It's gone so viral that even KitKat themselves shared an Instagram Reel of people doing a taste test on May 8. 


The reviews are pretty mixed — some really liked the bizarre combination while others looked like they wanted to puke. 

As taste is subjective, I was curious to see if I'd enjoy it or not. 

It started with ketchup

Thanks to all the fast food chains I patronise, I had enough packets of ketchup in my refrigerator to try this experiment. 

As expected, the squirt of bright red ketchup atop a chocolatey KitKat didn't look the most appetising. 

But surprisingly, it wasn't all that bad. 

Ketchup has a sweet, slightly tart taste and it strangely worked well with the chocolate. 

I'd say that it was somewhat similar to orange chocolate, but on the sweeter side. 

All in all, I honestly wouldn't mind eating it again. But I wouldn't actively source for ketchup just to eat it together with a KitKat. 

And then I got more adventurous

After trying ketchup with KitKat (and liking it), my colleagues suggested that I experiment with other condiments. 

One mentioned Lao Gan Ma chilli and I thought to myself, why not? 

The sauce I had at home also contained peanuts, which made the taste test all the more thrilling. 

Once again, seeing a hefty dollop of Lao Gan Ma chilli on top of a KitKat was not the most enticing sight. 

I'll be frank and say that I was a little scared because of how oily the sauce was. 

But surprisingly, I enjoyed it too. 

Ever heard of chilli chocolate? This tasted a little similar. 

It also had a nice earthy taste from the nuts. 

My only gripe would be the oil but other than that, this was something I wouldn't mind consuming again. 

I only had capacity for one more KitKat so I tried Kewpie mayonnaise with it too. 

And I am embarrassed to admit that I quite liked this combination too. 

Out of the three, the mayonnaise definitely looked the most appetising. 

And it was delicious too. 

Sweet, creamy and smooth, the sauce paired well with the chocolate. 

I'd say that it could even pass off as an actual dessert. 

At this point, I wonder if there is something wrong with me or if these odd fusion foods are actually good. 

There's only one way to find out — you have to try doing a taste test yourself. 

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