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Kyoto's Menbaka Fire Ramen that sets your food ablaze is opening on Nov 24

Kyoto's Menbaka Fire Ramen that sets your food ablaze is opening on Nov 24
PHOTO: LiveJapan

If you're one who likes adventurous, over-the-top dining experiences, Menbaka Fire Ramen is a place that you'll want to bookmark for a visit to get a taste of their famous fire ramen.

While fire when it comes to food is usually associated with spice and a fiery kick, at Menbaka Fire Ramen you'll get to see a literal fire as the chefs set your bowl of ramen ablaze right in front of you.

Menbaka hails from Kyoto, Japan and this outlet at Cineleisure is their first overseas venture. They were originally slated to open in early April 2020, but due to the pandemic had to push back dates and instead will be opening their doors on Nov 24 at Cineleisure.

The spectacular display is not just for show though. The flaming negi (Japanese green onion) oil is poured on top their shoyu ramen is said to help emanate the flavours and aromas of the dish.

This is definitely something you'd want to put on the gram, so customers have the option of passing their mobile phones over to one of the staff to capture the unique moment.

If you're worried for your safety, fret not as there are measures in place, such as diners being at least one metre away and protective aprons, to ensure that you don't catch fire.


The Singapore outlet will have their signature Shoyu Fire Ramen as well as other options like Vegetarian Fire Ramen.

There will also be a Singapore-exclusive option called Tonkotsu Fire Ramen.

We may not be able to travel, but it's nice to have a taste of Japan coming to us here in Singapore.

Address: 8 Grange Road, Cineleisure Orchard #05-03, Singapore 239695

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