Looking to 'earn a lot of money fast'? Singapore-based entrepreneur advises fresh graduates to consider job hopping

Looking to 'earn a lot of money fast'? Singapore-based entrepreneur advises fresh graduates to consider job hopping
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If climbing up the corporate ladder is your career mantra, then it might be good to start cleaning up that resume of yours.

Michelle Layanto, founder of ProLed, suggested job hopping as a method to earn "a lot of money fast".

According to employment website Indeed, job hopping is the practice of changing jobs within a short period of time.

In a TikTok video posted on Tuesday (Nov 28), Michelle explained why job hopping can be beneficial to young adults and shared a few other tips for fresh graduates entering the working world. 


If you’re a fresh graduate, about to graduate or job hunting. This is for you!!!! 👀

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Once you're sorted on switching jobs frequently, the question becomes "when do I start thinking of getting a new job?"

For Michelle, the red flags include feeling bored at work or if you're getting "in the rhythm of things".

Being the founder of a company, the 25-year-old understands how this piece of advice can come across as controversial.

While the common path for young adults is to take on a full-time job after completing school, Michelle provides a reminder that this is not the only "key to success".

She added: "You can already get ahead with your career without a full-time job."

When speaking with AsiaOne, Michelle pointed out the instabilities of the job market and that a full-time job isn't the "security blanket" many perceive it to be.

One's career path is neither linear nor predictable, which is why she advocates for standing out from the crowd.

Ever wanted to pursue a passion project? What better way to start than right after completing your studies?

Passion projects can be a great way to incorporate and build entrepreneurship and business-ownership skills.

These skills are hard to come by, especially at a full-time job as an entry-level employee, Michelle said.

Start connecting

To those who've recently secured a full-time job, Michelle's advice is to quickly schedule one-on-ones with employees within the company who are relevant to your position.

Yes, that includes the big-shot bosses you might be too scared to make eye contact with.

The reason behind having these one-on-ones is to start getting your name out in the company, or setting the tone, as Michelle puts it.

Come prepared, though. 

Melissa suggested bringing along a set of questions and think of the conversation as something of a game.

"You need to know their strategy, you need to know how your opponent thinks."

And if things don't always go to plan, that's fine too.

"It's okay to fail or realise something isn't right for you, and move on to the next opportunity," Michelle told AsiaOne.

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