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Man of steel: This 'Superman' runner had to relearn how to walk after accident, now hopes to inspire others

Man of steel: This 'Superman' runner had to relearn how to walk after accident, now hopes to inspire others
PHOTO: Simon Wood, TikTok/engr.unclekiko

At the age of 13, Simon Wood was involved in an accident which required 70 stitches and left him unable to walk for some time.

Now, not only is the 57-year-old expat from New Zealand an avid runner, he does it in a Superman costume too, proving to others that if he can surmount the odds, so can you.

You might have seen Simon in a video which went viral on social media platform TikTok in June this year. 

In the 40-second clip, Simon was spotted crossing a junction in Bukit Batok while in full costume — red cape and all — with his feet covered in a pair of black running shoes.

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The marketing director told Lianhe Zaobao in an article on Thursday (Sept 21) that it was only last year that he decided to don the iconic outfit whenever he's out for a run.

His hope is that amid the humdrum of daily life, his simple act will not only bring a smile to himself but those whom he comes across.

20 minutes to get into costume

Simon revealed to Zaobao that getting into the skin-tight costume requires a 20-minute effort. But Singapore's hot and humid climate has done little to curb his determination to spread a little cheer to those around him.

"Just wearing the costume takes me about 20 minutes, but I've lived in countries where it has hit 50 degree Celsius at its highest. I've also served in the military, so I'm not afraid of the heat," said Simon.

He also shared that he has travelled to over 90 countries around the world, but decided to settle alone in Singapore 10 years ago.

But life for Simon hasn't always been smooth-sailing.

As a teenager, he was hit by a motorcycle and lost the ability to walk. Determined not to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, Simon had to learn how to walk again and even challenged himself to pick up sports such as martial arts, swimming and running.

Simon shared that he intends to run until his legs eventually give out on him.

A photo shared with the Chinese daily showed Simon participating in the Race Against Cancer 2023 charity run organised by the Singapore Cancer Society on Sept 17. And yes, he was once again in full costume. 

On his affinity to the Superman character, Simon explained that the superhero has had a big influence on him. "I want to be as strong as Superman; when I wear the costume out to run, it feels like I've become the character and I have the ability to overcome any obstacle life throws at me."

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