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May the Force be with you: Couple tie the knot in Star Wars-themed wedding

May the Force be with you: Couple tie the knot in Star Wars-themed wedding
PHOTO: TikTok/2rahhh

Weddings are a special milestone that couples will remember for a lifetime. 

And what better way to make it extra memorable than to have a themed one? 

That's why couple Endra Nuriman Bin Mustaffa Qamal and Durrah Binte Mohamed Yusoff, who are both 24 years old, decided to go for a Star Wars-inspired wedding, complete with realistic-looking lightsabers.

They documented the occasion, which was held on Sept 9, in a TikTok video uploaded on Oct 6.

At the start of the 50-second clip, three children, who were the flower boys and girls, led the wedding walk-in procession wielding brightly lit lightsabers instead of flowers. 

They were followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen who held red and blue lightsabers, which was also tastefully colour coordinated with their outfits. 

The bridesmaids and groomsmen then lined up along the sides of the walk-in path and crossed their lightsabers to create an archway of light for Endra and Durrah. 


The bride and groom themselves were holding lightsabers and when Endra tapped the archway, the lightsabers parted so the couple could walk through. 

Endra makes lightsabers for a living

Endra is actually the owner of The Space Cantina Company, which specialises in retailing realistic-looking, customised lightsabers

But these toys aren't just for show. Made from a durable polycarbonate material, the lightweight aluminum lightsabers allow you to live out your Star Wars fantasy by duelling with them. 

And yes, every single lightsaber used at the wedding was from The Space Cantina Company. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, Endra shared that the lightsabers are all premade. 

"I gave my wife one of the unique designs while I was holding one of the best selling designs." 

He also revealed that apart from the lightsabers, there were other Star Wars elements used throughout the ceremony. 

For instance, he and the groomsmen had tiny Star Wars Lego mini figures added on their boutonnieres, while their wedding cake was also Star Wars-themed. 

"We also had matching socks, there were stormtroopers and I was Darth Vader. During our pre-wedding shoot, we actually used one of our custom lightsaber hilts as a flower bouquet," he added. 

But only one of them is a fan of of the franchise. 

Endra admitted to AsiaOne that while he is a massive Star Wars fan, his wife isn't one. 

"She just let me have my dream wedding but she’s making efforts now to try to understand," he said cheekily.

All in all, the couple took a year to plan out everything while juggling their own respective jobs. Previously, his wife was working as a property executive and currently, she is completing her degree at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). 

In the comments, netizens were left starstruck by the setup from a galaxy far far way. 

Some also said that the groom should have dressed up like Darth Vader, one of the main characters of the franchise. 

It also seems to have inspired others to have their own themed wedding because several netizens started suggesting other ideas like a Harry Potter or Sanrio occasion. 

Other themed weddings 

In fact, one couple actually just had a Harry Potter-themed wedding last December. 

The set-up included elements like a Hedwig-like owl resting in a cage to a Triwizard Tournament's golden dragon egg. 

The centrepiece was also a custom-made Mirror of Erised which stood on top of the stage. 

But all these didn't come cheap and the bride revealed to AsiaOne that the wedding costs amounted to around $90,000 to $100,000. 

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