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'May seem like a cool idea': Homeowner shares renovation regrets to avoid in the kitchen

'May seem like a cool idea': Homeowner shares renovation regrets to avoid in the kitchen
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Lightindwelling

Renovating your house is part and parcel of creating that dream home of yours.

Unfortunately, things don't always go to plan and there are bound to be mistakes or dissatisfaction.

TikTok user Lightindwelling did some work on their kitchen and on Feb 14, the homeowner took to TikTok to share some regrets about these renovation works.

@lightindwelling Comment “ Drawer “ if you wish to save on carpentry and I’ll send you the link to the pre made ones ! 📌SAVE or SHARE with someone if you find this helpful ! 7 Kitchen Reno Regrets to avoid 1. Cup Washer Sparkling Clean? Not So Much : That fancy built-in cup washer might look sleek, but is it a grime magnet in disguise? Opt for hand-washing or a portable option for easier cleaning 2. Choose a faucet with the right radius to avoid counter-drenching disasters. Aim for water flow landing smack dab in the sink 3. Don’t let water droplets escape! Ensure your faucet sits comfortably within the sink, not hovering over the edge, for a splatter-free zone. 4. Dreaming of custom drawers but tight on funds? Consider pre-made options! They can be surprisingly versatile and save you the headache (and cost) of intricate carpentry. 5. Glass doors are stunning, but creaking or jamming ones are a major buzzkill. Double-check their mechanisms after installation for a seamless (and frustration-free) experience. 6. Don’t get swept away by pull-out trends! Analyze your layout and usage. Sometimes, a simple shelf suffices, like for our microwave that rarely needs pulling out 7. Ensure enough space between the floor and bottom cabinets for robot smooth cleaning adventures! Make sure to FOLLOW for more Aesthetic and Practical Home Content ✨ Kitchen renovation | kitchen design | home improvement | interior design | renovations regrets | tips and tricks | cup washer | kitchen faucet #kitchenrenovation #bto #homeowner #resalehdb #renovationseries #renonightmare #kitchendesign #sgreno #homeimprovement ♬ Cute - Aurel Surya Lie

Indulging in a cup washer, fitting next to the kitchen sink, initially felt like a "cool idea".

The high pressure water jet would quickly clean the cups at home. So there's no denying its practical use in the kitchen. Plus, the device's sleek nature is a bonus. 

However, Lightindwelling soon found out that owning a cup washer brings with it some issues.

"Look at how much grime and dirt it accumulates," the user said, showing the cup washer with what seems like a layer of accumulated grime on the surface.

Furthermore, the device was not tilted during installation, which resulted in water being trapped upon washing, according to the user.

Staying on subject of the kitchen sink, another important component a homeowner would not want to mess up is the kitchen tap.

"Our tap radius is too wide, causing spillage during washing," Lightindwelling explained.

In order to keep water projection in the middle of the sink, they'd have to tilt the tap to the side.

Lightindwelling also suggested it might be best to install taps within a kitchen sink.

Currently, their tap is fitted in a manner that invites drip and spillage on the kitchen counter, causing issues of mould over time.

Another painful renovation regret is the $2,000 fitted glass kitchen door.

"It's so hard to open with that handle round," the user admitted.

On top of that, it seems like the soft closing mechanism on the door isn't functional.

Lightindwelling opted for some carpentry work in their kitchen.

However, they forgot to ensure "sufficient" floor gap for their robot vacuum to operate in said area.

It ends up defeating the purpose of owning the device as the homeowners would have to do the cleaning there by themselves.

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