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Move over frog and isopod ramen, a new bizarre contender has emerged in Taiwan

Move over frog and isopod ramen, a new bizarre contender has emerged in Taiwan
PHOTO: Facebook/女巫貓葵(斗六店)

Eating crocodile meat is relatively common in parts of Asia. But one restaurant in Taiwan has caused a bit of a stir with its latest ramen dish which includes a whole crocodile foot. 

Last Wednesday (June 21), the Taiwanese noodle eatery, whose name translates to Witch Cat, took to Facebook to introduce the limited-edition dish on its menu. 

Lo and behold, the Godzilla crocodile ramen. The dish is topped with a monstrous crocodile paw (that's almost too big for the bowl). The ramen also features your usual ingredients such as baby corn, bamboo shoots and eggs.

According to the post, the dish costs NT$1,500 (S$65.38) and is available in limited quantities. 

Customers have to pre-order the dish before heading over to the restaurant.

The restaurant has imposed a food-wastage charge of NT$100 to prevent diners from ordering the crocodile ramen just for photo ops. 

Some netizens were curious to try the dish. 

While others were apprehensive about it.

Other odd renditions of ramen 

This is not the first time a bowl of ramen has made headlines. In May, Taipei-based noodle bar The Ramen Boy added a giant isopod to its menu. 

The limited-edition dish features a bowl of ramen noodles topped with the steamed isopod. 

Resembling a creature from another world, the extraterrestrial-looking crustacean apparently tastes like lobster and crab.

A bowl of this special dish is priced at NT$1,480, and due to limited supplies, it is only available to regular customers. 

And earlier this month, Yuan Ramen in Yunlin County, Western Taiwan, introduced its new frog ramen dish called Frog Frog Frog Ramen on its Facebook page.

For NT$250, you get ramen noodles topped an "uncut, unpeeled" 200g frog. 

Just like the Witch Cat restaurant, customers will need to make a reservation to pre-order the frog ramen dish. 

Plus, an extra fee of NT$100 for customers whose sole purpose of ordering the Frog Frog Frog Ramen is for photo-taking and not for consumption. 

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