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One Holland Village Mall: A guide to dining, shopping and more

One Holland Village Mall: A guide to dining, shopping and more
PHOTO: Instagram/Warabimochi Kamakura Singapore

By now, you’ve probably heard of One Holland Village, a new lifestyle destination in Holland Village, offering over 13,500 sq m of dining, shopping and lifestyle options. Best of all, your fur kids won’t have to miss out on the fun at this new pet-friendly mall.

Whether you’re a foodie, shopaholic, art enthusiast, or just looking for a leisurely day out, here’s your ultimate guide to One Holland Village.

More than just a mall, One Holland Village is also a community space that fosters connections and creativity. The design integrates shops with open spaces, encouraging gatherings and events, making it a perfect destination for family outings or relaxed weekends.

One Holland Village is located at 7 Holland Village Way, Singapore 275748.


Fireplace by Bedrock (#03-27/28)


At Fireplace by Bedrock, the essence of cooking with an open wood fire brings a deep, smoky flavour to each dish, emphasising simplicity and premium ingredients in indulgent bites like Bone Marrow Toast and Dirty Duck. It’s a culinary experience where the unpredictability of wood and smoke infuses each meal with unique character, set against the comforting ambiance of a crackling fire.

Ginkyō by Kinki (#03-01 to 04)


Ginkyō by Kinki reinvents Japanese dining by infusing traditional dishes with global flavours. Enjoy innovative offerings like Uni, Caviar, Ikura and Curry Miso Lamb, all complemented by vibrant cocktails in a chic setting that encourages communal dining with a cosmopolitan twist.

Fong Sheng Hao (#02-37)

Fong Sheng Hao brings the iconic flavours of Taipei’s Shilin Night Market to Holland Village with its signature Taiwanese-style Pork Egg and Cheese toast. Paired with unique beverages like Cane-flavoured Black Tea or Signature Milk Tea, it’s a perfect choice for a satisfying meal any time of the day.

LeNu (#01-31/32/33/34)


LeNu strives to recreate the authentic taste of traditional Chinese noodles with a modern twist, offering a diverse menu that promises affordability without compromising on quality.

Chef Wai's dedication is evident in their signature broths, like the rich pork bone soup and the complex braised beef broth, which simmer for over 12 hours to extract deep flavours and nutrients. Highlights include Braised Wagyu Beef or Fish Fillet with Preserved Vegetable, offering a personalised noodle experience that caters to all preferences in a casual yet stylish setting.

Ippudo (#02-27)


Established in Japan in 1985, IPPUDO has become a global name in artisan Hakata Tonkotsu ramen, with over 200 locations worldwide.

This renowned ramen house serves up a menu that includes traditional favourites like Shoyu Ramen and innovative dishes such as Samurai Ribs and Almond Jelly Noodles.

VietSmith (#03-24/25/26)


VietSmith modernises Vietnamese cuisine with a mix of traditional fare and innovative twists. Signature dishes like Beef Phở and Tiger Prawn Lemon Basil Fried Rice showcase the rich flavours of Vietnam, complemented by homemade desserts and traditional Cà Phê Sữa Ðá, offering a vibrant dining experience that captures the essence of Saigon.

Cafes & Desserts:

Caffeine Xpress (#01-39)


Caffeine Xpress is your cosy neighbourhood espresso bar, where premium Arabica blends meet homemade sweet treats in a welcoming, mint-green kiosk.

With 20 years in F&B, this spot values building relationships with customers almost as much as crafting the perfect coffee. Highlight drinks include Taro Latte, Iced Dalgona Latte, and Iced Toffee Nut Latte, paired deliciously with treats like Basque Burnt Cheesecake and Yuzu Lemon Muffin.

Warabimochi Kamakura (#01-54)


Warabimochi Kamakura brings its popular warabimochi dessert drinks from Japan to Singapore's One Holland Village. This innovative spot transforms the traditionally smooth and jelly-like warabimochi into delightful drinkable versions with flavours like Strawberry Milk and Asakawa-En Matcha, offering a unique, on-the-go treat.

Plain Meredith (#02-23/24)


Plain Meredith is a pet-friendly cafe where good vibes and great food meet. Created for pet lovers by a family and their corgi, the space is designed for comfort and community. The menu offers human and pet-friendly dishes, including an all-day brunch and pastas, ensuring a warm, inclusive dining experience for all visitors.

Other local favourites

  • Din Tai Fung (#01-01/02): Known worldwide for its exquisite dumplings.
  • Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen (#02-28/29/30): Enjoy the hearty flavours of Cantonese cuisine.
  • Bread Talk (#01-41): A haven for bread lovers with unique and flavourful creations.
  • ToastBox (#01-44): A nostalgic nod to traditional Singaporean breakfasts.
  • Guzman y Gomez (#01-28): Dive into vibrant Mexican flavours.
  • Paris Baguette (#01-46/47): Relish in a fine selection of pastries and breads.
  • Mr Coconut (#01-38): Refresh yourself with delicious coconut-based drinks and desserts.

Shopping & services

Surrey Hills Grocer (#03-29 to 33)


Surrey Hills Grocer blends a grocer, cafe, and bakery into a one-stop Australian gourmet and lifestyle destination in Singapore. It offers a variety of premium, artisanal, and sustainable products in a unique setting that includes a pet-friendly environment, making it more than just a shopping spot but a true taste of Australia.

Art Works Gallery (#01-10/11)


After your meal, take a stroll around Art Works Gallery and admire some great artwork. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing high-quality, decorative art from a select group of ultra-contemporary artists.

It has quickly become a leader in the global art market, offering affordable pieces that appeal to both new and seasoned collectors. They also provide a no-nonsense, rewarding experience for all clients, helping to foster a vibrant contemporary art community at One Holland Village.

MONOLOQ (#01-09)


Shop till you drop at MONOLOQ, inspired by the concept of a 'Monologue' offering timeless, functional fashion. Committed to diversity and inclusivity, MONOLOQ designs clothes that cater to all backgrounds, body shapes, and identities, making fashion a form of self-expression.

Each piece is a canvas for personal expression, crafting a unique narrative through styling, blending timeless elegance with functionality, and celebrating individuality in every design.

Spectacle Hut (#02-03)


Spectacle Hut, with its opening of the 33rd store in Singapore, remains our go-to for comprehensive eye care and stylish eyewear choices. Prioritising eye health, Spectacle Hut offers tailored vision care solutions and an extensive range of eyewear from fast fashion to luxury brands.

Whether you're updating your look or addressing your vision needs, Spectacle Hut invites you to find your perfect pair in their newest location.

Stefani Parfumerie (#02-42)


Originating from Switzerland, Stefani Parfumerie is a multi-brand boutique that specialises in fine home fragrances. It offers a selection of esteemed brands like Abhati Suisse and Culti Milano, providing consumers with high-quality options to enhance their living spaces.

Stefani Parfumerie creates mindful, enjoyable moments through scents that personalise and elevate any home environment, inviting users to express their unique character and style through fragrance.

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