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'Pain, sweat, tears': Jamie Chua says organising her swanky, new walk-in wardrobe gave her sleepless nights

'Pain, sweat, tears': Jamie Chua says organising her swanky, new walk-in wardrobe gave her sleepless nights
PHOTO: Instagram/Ec24m

After months of tedious planning and renovations, Jamie Chua's luxurious three-storey Sentosa Cove home is ready

And much to her fan's delight, she's finally uploaded a video tour of her opulent walk-in wardrobe, complete with a special room for her prized Hermes bags

In the 21-minute clip on YouTube that was uploaded on April 27, the socialite shared that the process of designing and renovating her wardrobe was an extremely tedious one. 

"There was a lot of pain, sweat, tears that I put into it. Sleepless nights configuring and organising everything I need in this project," she said. 

"And that is why it is really special to me." 

Dedicated storage for everything 

Jamie shared that part of the stress was giving all her belongings a dedicated space in her wardrobe, but she eventually made it work. 

For instance, she has a fragrance corner where she displays all her perfumes. On top of that, there's even a perfume closet to store the rest of her fragrances. 

Her shoes are also neatly displayed in raised platforms so that she can see the ones at the back. 

Jamie's jewellery collection also gets its very own closet, which she designed to be modular-based. 

"Modular in the sense that if I ever want to bring [out the whole closet], I can actually bring it out if I ever move house. 

"The reason behind it is that I spent months configuring all the drawers to what I need," she explained while showing how her bracelets, earrings and other accessories were neatly organised in their specific compartments. 

She added that the interior of the jewellery closet is upholstered with quilted velvet fabric for that "extra luxe touch". 

Separately, there are drawers she custom-made with pigeon holes just for her belts. 

"These drawers I spent nights and nights measuring," she revealed. 

Her hats are stored in two drawers so that she can easily see her collection. 

As for her sunglasses, a smartly fabricated hidden storage space was crafted so that she can display some sunglasses at the front and store the rest of them out of sight. 

Drawers storing the rest of her accessories, bag charms and gloves are lined with suede so that her items don't get scratched. 

And she even has an entire drawer dedicated to her hosiery. 

"I know guys, there's a lot of hosiery for one person," she admitted shyly, adding that she had collected these over the year. 

She also has closets for specific brands and types of clothes like her Chanel jackets, Dior Bar jackets, Dior skirts and dresses, and Saint Laurent leather and bomber jackets. 

The rest of her clothes that were not stored in brand-specific spaces were neatly organised according to style. 

For example, she has several wardrobes dedicated to evening gowns and long dresses. 

There's also a closet that was designed with three hanger rods for her to organise her entire collection of shorts and skirts. 

Jamie even has one wardrobe with a hanger rod pointing outwards. This is for her to display her favourite gowns. 

"I know I have many, many closets of clothes and that's because I have many, many clothes, most of which I can't bear to get rid of or they are special pieces that are very close to my heart. 

"I like to keep them as a memento. And of course, sometimes, I do take them out and put them on again," she said before showing her viewers a stunning 33-year-old Versace Runway jacket. 

Apart from making sure that everything is displayed and arranged nicely, Jamie made it a point to equip all her wardrobes with a dehumidifier to protect her items. 

"My [clothes] keep so well because of the dehumidifier, everything feels so crisp," she said as she took out a couture gown to show her viewers. 

Several parts of the closet also have mirrors of different sizes and lengths. 

"So I don't have to get changed in one part and run all the way to the other end just to look at myself," she explained. 

Sensor lights were installed in her wardrobes too so that whenever she opens one, the lights turn on automatically. 

"I like it that way because then I can see what I have in the wardrobe, even if it's not bright." 

On top of that, her drawers have soft closing hinges to prevent slamming. 

"All these things, I gave a lot of thought when I was building this closet, because I need a closet that works for me, is organised and saves me time," she shared. 

Spaces for her Hermes and non-Hermes bags

The highlight of Jamie's wardrobe, of course, would be her Hermes collection. 

And she crafted an entire room within her wardrobe just for it, which she calls the Bag House. 

The Bag House is specially fabricated with 12mm curved tempered glass, and like the rest of her wardrobes, it has hidden dehumidifiers to ensure that her bags are always in pristine condition. 

It also has stainless steel shelves that are coated in wood finishings for an exquisite look. 

"I didn't want to just have regular shelves on a wall like a feature wall of bags, because that got too boring for me," she explained, adding that it had been the display layout in her previous house. 

"So we were brainstorming what we can do to build Jamie the most special, piece de resistance of all bag houses." 

On top of that, the room has a skylight ceiling which can help her tune the lighting to her preference. 

Calling it "sexy as hell", Jamie said that building it was no easy feat. 

Thankfully, her contractor managed to make the idea work. 

"All my precious babies in one house," she said contently. 

We all know Jamie has other bags besides her precious Hermes ones, so where do those go? 

She revealed that she has a dedicated wardrobe where she displays them. 

"I needed shelves to display my collection of Chanel minaudieres, the Louis Vuittons that I have, and various other brands like Dior."

Jamie added that this cupboard has steps in them so that all her pieces at the back of the deep wardrobe could be seen. 

Terence's tiny wardrobe

Compared to Jamie's massive closet, her partner Terence's wardrobe is pretty "tiny". 

"This is the first time I'm actually opening it," Jamie admitted, showing the audience the contents of his wardrobe. 

In it, his suits, blazers and shirts are neatly displayed in rows. 

Terence's second wardrobe stored all his more casual shirts and had drawers with inserts to keep his cufflinks, bow ties and sunglasses. 

Truly a huge contrast when compared with Jamie's. 

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