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Park Solomon from All Of Us Are Dead: 10 facts that'll make you love him even more

Park Solomon from All Of Us Are Dead: 10 facts that'll make you love him even more
PHOTO: Instagram/@lomon991111

If you've clicked into this story, you're likely 1) a fan of Netflix's All of Us Are Dead, 2) fallen for the dashing good looks of Park Solomon or likely, 3) a combination of the two.

A breakout star of the hit South Korean zombie series, Park Solomon has set many hearts fluttering with his masculinity and devotedness in All of Us Are Dead. Who can forget his deft fighting moves, and how he kept offering himself to his romantic interest in the show?

Here, we've gathered 10 adorable facts about the star to let you know him better and fall even deeper in love with him.

He was born in Uzbekistan


Park Solomon's dashing, mixed-blood features could be attributed to his upbringing in Uzbekistan.

He revealed in an interview with Ilgan Sports that he was born in the Central Asian country to parents that grew up there, but he identifies as a Korean. He didn't state, however, if he is indeed part-Uzbeki. He also spent part of his childhood in Russia.

Park Solomon and his family later relocated to South Korea when he was in elementary school, and have been living there since.

He's a Scorpio


Born on Nov 11, 1999, Park Solomon's sun sign is Scorpio.

Scorpio men are said to be ambitious, intelligent and confident, and will never give up until they achieve their goals - all of which are attractive traits. Moreover, Scorpios tend to have an intense, brooding charm, and that's something Park Solomon definitely exudes.

And if you can't remember his birthday, just take a look at his Instagram handle @lomon991111.

He's an INFP-T


Park Solomon shared in an interview that his MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) is INFP-T, which makes him a Mediator. Said to be a rare personality type that's creative and imaginative, mediators are also known to be highly empathetic.

In fact, you can see this quality shining through when Park Solomon recounted how he couldn't stop crying when his close friend Han Sung-min became a zombie and died in All of Us Are Dead.

He worked his way up


Playing Lee Su-hyeok in All of Us Are Dead may be his breakout role, but Park Solomon has actually been acting since 2014 at the age of 15.

He debuted on the small screen in 2014 in Bride of the Century and 4 Legendary Riches, and had his first film credits in 2015 with The Empty Home and Earth to the Galaxy. Park Solomon was even nominated for the Best Young Actor/Actress category in 2017 for his role in The Guardians (2017).

He participated in a Chinese drama


Titled Lookism, Park Solomon shared that he had to pick up Chinese to play the character in the WeTV production. He added that he had to eat a locust for one of the final scenes, further proving his dedication to his acting craft.

He's a polyglot


Besides Korean and Chinese, Park Solomon likely also knows how to speak Uzbek and Russian. He also knows English, of course, totalling the number of languages he can speak to an impressive five.

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He has a cheeky and playful side


All of us saw the kiss scene between Park Solomon and Cho Yi-hyun in All of Us Are Dead. But what you didn't know was that that scene actually took 17 takes. Cho Yi-hyun shared that she struggled to find his lips as her eyes were closed, and was apologetic that it took so many tries.

Park Solomon, however, cheekily replied that he was happy to keep going. He added that it became his favourite scene, and it made him realise that this was "why actors do romantic shows".

He wanted to be a b-boy


In a Cosmopolitan Korea interview with fellow All of Us Are Dead castmates, Park Solomon shared that he grew up wanting to be a b-boy as he loved to dance. He would also ask them frequently if they wanted to see him dance while they were working together.

Park Solomon had initially wanted to pursue singing and dancing to be a K-pop idol. He later gave up that dream when he realised that singing wasn't his strong suit, and focused on being an actor.

His physique is a product of his dedication to fitness


Standing at 183cm, Park Solomon's height, sharp appearance and toned physique can give any model a run for their money. His long and lean stature is a result of his love for dance and swimming. He later started weightlifting at the gym to help him bulk up and maintain his muscular frame.

He's a fan of Big Bang


Park Solomon is a member of V.I.P., the fan club dedicated to the Korean boy band Big Bang.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, he proudly showed off a ticket for their concert in Macau in 2016. And ICYDK, Big Bang has announced plans for their comeback as a four-member group so we might see Park Solomon fanboying over them soon.

Want to see more of Park Solomon? He is set to appear in a Disney+ production titled Third Person Revenge alongside A-Teen's Shin Ye-eun. We can't wait.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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