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Pizza with your noodles? Ramen restaurant in Malaysia whips up odd new dish

Pizza with your noodles? Ramen restaurant in Malaysia whips up odd new dish
PHOTO: Instagram/Menyashishido

Creating a fusion dish is a game of risk and reward.

While you might discover new flavour combinations that amaze people, there's also every chance that you might offend or leave people puzzled too.

Menya Shi Shi Do, a ramen restaurant in Selangor, Malaysia, is walking that very fine line with its new addition – the pizza ramen.

Last Tuesday (July 11), the restaurant announced its latest creation on Facebook.

Described as a "weird bowlful of umami goodness", the limited-edition dish is a collaboration between a Malaysian brand Pepo Pizza and ShishiDo Ramen.

Apart from it being a limited-edition dish, no further information on the pizza ramen's availability was provided by the restaurant. 

A slice of chicken pepperoni pizza is drowned in a bowl of ramen, along with other toppings such as cherry tomatoes, olives, an egg and capsicum.

If a slice of wood-oven baked pizza in your noodles ain't unorthodox enough for you, this dish also has parmesan cheese added to it.

But netizens did not seem too keen on the pizza ramen, with one TikTok user suggesting that "sometimes we have to know when to stop".

That said, Menya Shi Shi Do has a history of being bold with its creations.

Earlier this year, the restaurant struck gold when announcing its limited-edition durian ramen.

Durian lovers and ramen enthusiasts were keen on giving it a go, to the point that Menya Shi Shi Do had to limit durian ramen sales to 20 bowls a day.

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