Red flag alert: Woman provides tips for spotting a toxic work environment during a job interview

Red flag alert: Woman provides tips for spotting a toxic work environment during a job interview
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Plzimfragile

Been in a toxic work environment and wondered how you didn't see the signs earlier?

Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, but it'd probably be useful to know how to avoid such sticky situations in future.

TikTok user Plzimfragile admitted that she's had first-hand experience of being in a toxic work environment.

And on Dec 12 last year, she shared a short TikTok clip on how one can take agency when it comes to spotting such undesirable workplaces.

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"Let me teach you how to spot one during a job interview," Plzimfragile said.

In such a setting, a large majority of questions from the interviewer are directed to the interviewee, but (more often than not) there is space for the roles to be reversed.

Plzimfragile was straightforward and suggested that one should not ask questions such as "what do you like about working here?"

Such questions are relatively easy to respond to, she said.

If you are keen to understand the hiring company's work environment, Plzimfragile has a set of questions that might be useful to ask the prospective employer.

Why not ask the interviewer about what happened to the last employee who made a mistake?

In case you're feeling a bit braver, ask what happens to employees who challenge the status quo.

Plzimfragile noted that such questions can provide insights into whether a company values feedback from its employees.

"If you were in my position, would you take this job?" she asked.

Posing such a question during a job interview isn't about looking for the interviewer's answers.

It's more about the body language and non-verbal responses you receive, Plzimfragile explained.

The comments section included a variety of opinions from netizens.

One TikTok user found her questions to be "interesting" and wished they knew of this video before their job interview.

Others felt that Plzimfragile's tips might actually raise a red flag on the job candidate instead.

AsiaOne has reached out to Plzimfragile.

Spotting a toxic manager

In a separate TikTok clip posted on Dec 13, Plzimfragile shared how one can identify a toxic manager during a job interview.

Ask what happened to the most recent person who was fired from the company, she suggests. 

Plzimfragile recommends keeping a close eye on the response you get to see if you're able to catch any blame or bad mouthing from the interviewer.

If you sense the response was filled with accountability and ownership, then the likelihood of a toxic work environment is lessened.

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