Swipe right: Woman goes in search of a guy via dating app on Taiwan holiday, lands free tour guide instead

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/shann.uzz

It's difficult enough to find love in your own country.

Let alone while on vacation overseas where you don’t speak the local language fluently.

However, a woman based in Singapore seemed to hit the jackpot recently when she managed to score a date on a recent trip to Taiwan.

In a TikTok video posted last Thursday (March 9), user shann.uzz shared her date night experience with a local Taiwanese guy she met through the dating app Bumble.

Starting the date proper in a romantic manner, her date drove Shann.uzz – together with her female friend who tagged along – to view the blooming cherry blossoms.

She confessed that things were rather awkward, considering that it was their first meeting.

Also, the language barrier between her and her date didn't help things as Shann.uzz stated that she could only communicate in "simple basic Chinese".

Well love is a universal language, and her date was certainly speaking it by bringing her for one of Singaporeans' favourite meal-of-choice, hot pot.

After the hot pot dinner though, Shann.uzz had a moment of worry when the guy drove them up "somewhere dark".

But it turned out that her date had brought them up to a scenic lookout point to soak in the view of the city skyline.

Normally, one would be overwhelmed with emotions at such a gesture on a date but with the "really cold" weather, the only feels that Shann.uzz experienced were the shivers.

Thankfully, her date was considerate enough to bring them for some hot chocolate to warm their bones and spirits.

For their last stop of the night, they landed at a local night market where they ended up trying their hand at playing traditional carnival games.

Noticing that Shann.uzz was frustrated over her losses at the claw machine, her date gave her the knitted duck keychain that he won as a way of consoling her. Insert aww here.

She did state that she was "thankful to have met a nice guy", but it is unknown if Shann.uzz is still in contact with her date.

AsiaOne has reached out to her for more details.

While she seemed to have several matches on Bumble, she wrote in her captions that the others "chickened out".

In the comment section, netizens were more cynical with one stating that she "basically got a tour guide on Bumble".


Others highlighted how potentially dangerous it is for female travellers to go on dates with strangers while in a foreign land.

However, there were some romantics among the commenters, with one stating her date experience could be "the start of a love story".


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