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Time to get packing: Skyscanner launches tool to help travellers save big on their vacation

Time to get packing: Skyscanner launches tool to help travellers save big on their vacation
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Wanting to snap a good deal is one thing but knowing how to do so can be a completely different matter, especially when it comes to budgeting for a vacation.

Global travel app Skyscanner has recently launched the Savings Generator, and this new tool could be the key to helping you make your money go further.

According to OnePoll research conducted by Skyscanner in April 2024 with 1,000 respondents, 80 per cent of Singaporeans are keen on travelling this summer.

However, among them, 35 per cent have yet to complete their bookings.

This could be down to indecision on dates or destinations, but Skyscanner's research noted that Singaporean travellers' continuous hunt for great value deals needs to be factored in.

Forty-one per cent of them shared they are still trying to find the best deal and a further 23 per cent are on the lookout for last-minute promotions.

Who wouldn't want a killer last-minute deal, right?

The drawback, however, is that it may lead to inertia and these travellers may end up not booking anything at all.

But with the Savings Generator, they can visualise the Best Time to Book trends based on the average monthly price.

It also comes in handy for travellers unsure of where exactly they should go this summer.

Popular destinations will be suggested and, more importantly, the app will reveal the cheapest week to travel to.

So for example, if Paris is the ultimate destination for you, then a July trip might work best.

But if you're only available for a summer vacation in August, a trip down under might be worth considering instead.

Ranking Destination Cheapest week to travel this summer Average monthly price
1 Paris From July 13 to July 19 S$1,545
2 Perth From August 10 to August 16 S$380
3 Phuket From August 17 to August 23 S$168
4 Taipei From August 17 to August 23 S$285
Source: Skyscanner

Last-minute bookers need not worry either.

Skyscanner shared that the Savings Generator would also be able to reveal the best route options for a more spontaneous summer break.

For example, travellers to Bali can take into account that it is best to book a July trip there three weeks in advance.

But there will still be great deals to be found two weeks ahead.

Route Month of travel Best time to book There are still great deal Average monthly price
Singapore to Bali July Three weeks ahead Two weeks ahead  S$232
Singapore to Penang July Four weeks ahead Three weeks ahead S$103
Singapore to Bangkok July Two weeks ahead One week ahead S$187
Source: Skyscanner

Apart from the Savings Generator, travellers can also consider Skyscanner's Price Alerts to keep abreast of price changes to their favourite destinations.

Essentially, if the price drops, you'll be the first to know.

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