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Touring a lesser-known landed estate near Orchard: A review of Fernhill Estate (from $4.8m)

Touring a lesser-known landed estate near Orchard: A review of Fernhill Estate (from $4.8m)
PHOTO: Stackedhomes

Some time ago, we visited Kimsia Park, the landed enclave behind Lucky Plaza. The location is undoubtedly very convenient for those who spend a lot of time in town.

However, it's also right smack in the hustle and bustle of town, and the houses are on the smaller side (for landed units.)

If you're looking for a bigger property in a more tranquil estate, but still close to Orchard Road (and Stevens MRT), Fernhill is a landed estate that you may want to consider.

(For those whose budgets don't stretch that much, there are also several condos and townhouses in the area.) Let's explore the area so you can see if it would suit you and your lifestyle!

We'll begin with a map of the area, so you know where we're exploring today. As shown above, the enclave consists of three roads, Fernhill Road, Fernhill Close and Fernhill Crescent, which connect Orange Grove Road and Stevens Road.

(Along Orange Grove Road, you'll find Shang-ri La hotel- literally just minutes walk from Fernhill, and along Stevens Road is Stevens MRT.) Depending on where you stay in Fernhill, the walk to the MRT can take anything from 9 to 16 minutes.

As shown, the area is quite a mish-mash of different architectural styles. You'll find a bit of everything here: very old (for Singapore) vs very new properties, huge detached houses vs condos etc

This also means that there may be a few en-bloc developments in the area, which will result in noise and dust for the residents of the area. For example, Fernhill Court launched an en-bloc exercise in 2018. (No further news and the development was still around when I visited so I'm guessing it was unsuccessful.)

Next townhouse development we pass is Fernhill Cottage — last sale of a 6 bed was $4.8 million in 2023, according to Propertyguru. Not cheap but not as expensive as you might have expected of a townhouse in the Orchard vicinity.

Depending on where you stay on Fernhill Road, you're actually within 1 km of two famous Primary Schools (ACS and SCGS.)

I viewed a unit in Fernhill Cottage during Covid and, according to the agent, this is the boundary of the 1 km. (i.e. Some houses in Fernhill Cottage fall within the 1 km restriction and others outside of.)

After Fernhill Cottage is a very short cul-de-sac where you find a few more houses:

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This article was first published in Stackedhomes.

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