'You can't pour from an empty jug': Local voice-over artist shares 5 principles for a 'fulfilling life'

'You can't pour from an empty jug': Local voice-over artist shares 5 principles for a 'fulfilling life'
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"If you don't love it, don't do it."

Voice-over artist Caitanya Schmickrath-Tan, 36, recently shared the five principles to live by for a fulfilling life taught by her father.

In a TikTok video uploaded on Dec 2, Caitanya sits in front of the camera as she goes into detail of each principle, adding that everybody should practice them.


You either win or learn

Caitanya shared that to be brave in decision-making, you should keep the perspective that there is no losing or failing. Hence her first principle "you either win or learn". She added that this perspective helped her not get stuck on negative thoughts.

"A problem doesn't go away until it's taught you what you needed to learn," said Caitanya on her second principle on how you should react when encountering a problem.

Fulfil your needs before others

Caitanya moved on to share the third principle "You can't pour from an empty jug", referencing how in the event an airplane loses altitude, you should put the oxygen mask on for yourself before helping others.

She added how she attends to her needs by enjoying time alone where she enjoys the little things in life. "Personal growth is also filling your own jug."

Her fourth principle is how "if you don't love it, don't do it", because otherwise, you won't be able to give it your all.

"But in the situation where you have to do it anyways, my dad always told me to find the joy, the purpose, or what you can learn."

In her fifth principle, Caitanya said to "throw yourself into whatever you're doing".

"If you don't give 100 per cent into everything you do, you will never know the true outcome of your endeavours."

Caitanya ended her video by sharing that following these principles would allow you to build confidence and feel safe enough to lead with an open heart.

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