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'Even the plates are on-point': Malaysian students in UK miss 'cai fan', recreate their own

'Even the plates are on-point': Malaysian students in UK miss 'cai fan', recreate their own
Malaysian students in the UK recreate the 'cai fan' experience.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/KeyeenotKeeyee

Being in a foreign country didn't stop these overseas Malaysian students from recreating a slice of home.

TikTok user KeyeenotKeeyee posted a video recently sharing how she and some friends had homemade 'cai fan' (economic rice).

"When you're a Malaysian studying in the UK and crave for economic mixed rice," she wrote in the caption of the post.

The video showed a wide spread of various dishes, ranging from seafood and meat to vegetables.

While they lined up to pick their dishes, others jokingly pretended to be 'cai fan' stall owners, calculating each person's meal.

"Five ringgit!" said one of them after pointing to a plate.

@keyeeeeeee 🇲🇾🇬🇧 The boys do all the cooking, the girls eat 😮‍💨 #mixedrice #malaysianfood #malaysian #internationalstudent #uk ♬ original sound - KeyeenotKeeyee

A netizen in the comments section joked: "That much on a plate ah, 30 ringgit lor... How come five ringgit?"

Another noticed how some of the students used red plastic plates similar to those used at 'cai fan' stalls.

"Even the plates are on-point," said one netizen.

"Everything looks so good," remarked another.

Not just for Malaysians, the humble economic rice dish is also widely loved by Singaporeans, so much so that in 2021, local singers Benjamin Kheng and Annette Lee, wrote a full song on 'cai fan' and dedicate it to their fellow 'cai fan' lovers. 


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