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This made my day: Lamborghini owner in Malaysia takes boy with cancer and siblings for ride after mum's online plea

This made my day: Lamborghini owner in Malaysia takes boy with cancer and siblings for ride after mum's online plea
(Left) A photo of the yellow Lamborghini taken by the eight-year-old boy; (Right) The Lamborghini owner saying goodbye to the boy and his family.
PHOTO: Facebook/Orang Wangsa Maju, screengrab/TikTok/mikaelhidayat

Days after her son spotted a yellow Lamborghini on the road and yearned to take a ride in it, his mother turned to social media to locate the car's owner.

"Does anyone know the owner of this car? Just standing beside the car for a photo will be enough," said the Malaysian mother in a post on Tuesday (April 23) that was shared on Facebook group Orang Wangsa Maju.

The administrator of the page, where members post about happenings in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, said that the eight-year-old boy was so excited to see the luxury sports car on the afternoon of April 18 that he braved the heavy downpour to take a photo of it.

Less than a day after his mother's plea, the boy's wish came true when Mikael Hidayat, a friend of the Lamborghini owner, alerted him to the post.

Taking to Facebook and TikTok in the early hours of Wednesday, he said that he and the car owner met up with the mother and the boy, along with his older brother and sister.

They learnt that the boy's older brother is suffering from leukaemia and undergoing treatment at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

He was just as excited as his younger brother to see the sports car up close, said Mikael.

After treating the family to dinner, his friend took the three "happy and excited" children for a spin in the Lamborghini. The two brothers also snapped photos of the car.

A video posted by Mikael showed his friend waving goodbye and giving the thumbs up to a car that was leaving, which presumably belongs to the family.

The man is seen grinning widely after the family leaves and also appears to be tearing up.


"As small as it is for us, it means a lot to others, sometimes to people we don't even know," Mikael wrote in his post.

The heartwarming story has touched the hearts of netizens, who commended Mikael's friend for his kindness. 

Several also added that reading the post and watching the video brought tears to their eyes.

"Thank you for helping to fulfil someone's wish," commented a netizen.

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