Malaysian business owner demands staff to quit after discovering they were complaining about her in WhatsApp group

Malaysian business owner demands staff to quit after discovering they were complaining about her in WhatsApp group
PHOTO: Instagram/Kiedx_, TikTok/Kiedacrepepenang

It's never a nice feeling to be left out of a private group chat — especially when the hot topic is you. 

Unfortunately, that's what Malaysian business woman Khalieda Yusra went through. 

And to add salt to her wound, the group chat was created by none other than her own employees. 

Khalieda is the owner of Hq Kieda Crepe, which specialises in desserts. 

Recently, she shared on social media that she discovered 12 of her employees had created a group chat allegedly to discuss how unhappy they were with her and their salaries. 

Khalieda also shared snippets of these conversations on her Instagram story, which have since expired. 

In the conversations, the staff were seen discussing how to leave the workplace together. 

Khalieda responded to this with a since-deleted TikTok clip, a copy of which has been posted by WorldofBuzz.

In the video, she said: "You don't need to wait. I'm asking you to send me resignation letters within the next 24 hours." 

A betrayed Khalieda also shared an image of the 12 employees on Instagram and wrote in Malay: "What did I do wrong? Why betray me?"

"I'm disappointed today, let time heal. I'm sorry I can't be a leader that you all like." 

On Friday (Nov 24), Khalieda also shared a Facebook post in which she was apparently at a police station.

"A lesson to those who like to get together and manipulate others into bringing a company down," she said in the photo caption, alluding to having filed a police report.

Netizens in the comments were divided. 

Several sided with Khalieda and felt that the employees had been ungrateful. 

Another business owner like Khalieda also said that they had gone through something similar: "We also have recently been affected by ungrateful people. Two-faced people who pretended in front of us as if there's nothing wrong. They were polite and nice even though they were scolding us behind our backs."  

But one commenter felt that it was "normal" for employees to create a private group chat without their boss in it.

"It is a space for them to vent, express their feelings without restriction and communicate casually," the user said.

"It is important for their mental health to have free space to communicate and vent to each other."

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